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November 15, 2021
3 minutes

local drive c – users – username – my documents – Warm Lamp Games

the game was passed to the elite of the state depot with a large supply of money, a good ending was received, I found 2 easter eggs in the game (one refers to the Duma, in order to receive it, you need to approve the inventor’s grant, and choose teleportation, the other easter egg refers to metal Gear solid Snake, you need to choose a walking tank , another one related to medicine will kill people, and the handset will be correct and will give $ 15,000

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of the jokes, I was pleased that the developers came up with a healer who deceived a doctor, he brought so much harm with his actions, when an artist asks to bewitch his wife, a shock worker, everything turns into the fact that she drinks a potion, and leaves her husband, loving her work even more when the worker’s wife archives complains about the cold, you give her a potion, it ignites like a torch, then complains that she burned her cardigan, and she has a constant fever in her chest, and with a retired sergeant in general trouble, he complains of pain in his leg, asks for painkillers when he drinks the potion, a new leg grows out of his chest and moves a little towards the amputated leg and again hides in the sergeant’s chest, finishing him off completely just tin, asking what did not go wrong, the healer says that he should have drunk with full moons and that his head was turned on north, and complains that no one does not read his instructions, but when the policeman says that he is afraid of his boss, you give a mixture of fear, the boss kills him by rolling like a huge donut and turns t in a cake to get a good ending
you need to talk to the policeman and his wife, find a letter from his father, talk to him and his wife again, and preferably by the end of time, find at least $ 60,000
helping everyone (to put the killer, help a woman with a child to give money for the operation, and on little things), otherwise they will show the ending where the main character will walk along the beach and collect garbage

the game is 100% completed

Candleman The Complete Journey

collected all 46 candles in 12 chapters
path local C – users – general – general documents – Steam – CODEX – 591630
the game has a call time mode
which allows you to pass levels for a while
each location has its own record that must be broken


Grim Facade – The Message

PATH LOCAL DRIVE C – USER NAME – AppData – Roaming – AMAX Interactive

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