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February 26, 2021
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The archive contains the editor save Dark Souls II for XBOX360 and modified save Dark Souls II, as well as a program for working with content XBOX360 on a computer.
We transfer your save to a flash drive formatted in a box, from a flash drive we transfer the save to a computer using the horizon program.

Dark Souls 2: Save Editor [Xbox 360] Free Download

Launch the Darksoul2.exe editor, click load in the editor, select your save and modify it using the editor’s options. Then we press save in the editor and using the horizon program we transfer our save back to the flash drive, from the flash drive to the box.
Regarding the editor’s options, I would not bother too much, we prescribe the value of the number of souls you need in soul gold and then raise our level in the game. In the options soul silver and soul collected, prescribe the same soul memory value. If you make memory souls for ng more than 2-3 million then you will have difficulty intruding.

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As for the saving that is in the archive, to install it, we first transfer our profile to the flash drive. This save is suitable for a freebie, if you save it and go online, then when you reload it, all the bonfires in your game will go out, the same fate will befall all your saves of this game. In this save, at the beginning of the game, you are given a huge number of souls, almost all spells, all rings except the royal one, 999 of all titanites, 99 of all items, and two of all weapons and armor.
To save, you need a game with add-ons or that would have been installed TU v1.05.

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