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March 11, 2021
1 minute

By Jonny Gamer

Dark Souls: Save editor []
Dark Souls: Save editor []

PC Is still Beta till someone confirms it working, So Make backup before editing !

— Update: ———————

I forgot about a bunch of minor changes I made, but here are some highlights:
* Fixed the hairstyle selector to work with female characters.

Dark Souls: Save editor [] Free Download

* Fixed the hair and eye color selectors for people who use ‘,’ as their decimal point character.
* Added the ability to search for certain types of upgrades in the Item Adder. I’ll eventually expand that to the inventory and database pages too.
* Added a checkbox to unlock all gestures. Thanks to minak.
* Added buttons to export and import individual character files. This is for people who like using hex editors or who want to transfer characters between saves.
* Added a list of bosses with the option to kill or revive them. I didn’t have time to test this.
* Added a couple previously ignored bonfires to the warp destinations option.
* Made the lists on the Equipment tab update immediately when the inventory and / or item database change.
* Added icons for my new buttons.


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