Fallout 4: Save Game (Harley Quinn House)

The second version of the save (Buildings from the presentation of the game at E3) – added new buildings.



– Female Character, Rank 103.

– The game was played for all factions until the available tasks (except random ones) were exhausted, after which the BS was selected

Fallout 4: Save Game (Harley Quinn House) Free Download

– Collected absolutely all “unique weapons” except for two barrels of Paladin Brandis and Virgil, their “unique weapons” are in their possession

– collected all the “unique armor” from this thread forums.playground.ru/fallout_4/walkthrough/unika..

– Obtained absolutely all companion perks including synth X6-88, Paladin Dance and Deacon

– weapons are in the backpack and in the pre-war house of GG in the bedroom, drugs in the kitchen, all dolls, all magazines (some came across twice), armor and much more, too, in GG’s house so as not to look

– Power armor X-01 and T-45 Minutemans in Sanctuary, military T-51 in Daimon City, two armors issued by the brotherhood of steel on Priveden like synth Sean, armor of Atomic cats and Subways are in the Cottage on the shore, power armor of Raiders with “Fist Tessa “is at the closest to Sanctuary gas station with a rocket, Strongman Strong is also there, the rest of the partners are in their usual habitats

– Nine buildings indicated on the screenshots were made, the rest of the settlements were not touched

– All locations are open

Buildings version 1.0


New buildings version 2.0


Installation: upload the file from the archive along the path C: \ Users \ …….. \ Documents \ My Games \ Fallout4 \ Saves

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