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September 10, 2021
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Football Manager 2017: Save Editor

FM Scout Editor 17 (FMSE17 for short) is a real-time editing and scouting program for soccer manager and soccer manager 2017 2017.

 In Game Assistant

See hidden attributes of players, ka / pa and actual left / right foot values ​​right in the game (on-screen attributes).

Football Manager 2017: Save Editor Free Download

it exclusive feature, no other Windows tool offers!

 Edit Club Finance

Editing of all types of club finances such as budgets, ticket prices, sponsor, sponsors, debts and more.

 Edit Club

Tinker with the name of the club, year of foundation, convenience, attraction of youth, morality, attendance.

 Editing Players

A huge amount of player details can be edited, including, all attributes, abilities, contract details, reputations, positions, preferred movements and so on. You can also heal bodily harm, destroy the player (fitness by 1%) and remove inhibitions. 

 Editing Employees

Search and edit non-playing staff like coaches, executive assistants, etc..

 Bulk Edit Commands

Quick action to heal the team, remove the unfortunate, remove the bans and destroy the team. 

Edit Club Kits

Change kit style and colors each new season and see these changes apply to the 3D match as well!

 Edit Awards

Advanced editing of awards is possible on all sorts of award details. Most advanced FM editor award is here!

 Edit Cities

Edit city data such as coordinates, attraction, altitude and number of residents.

 Bulk editing of players, staff, clubs, awards and cities new

The advanced bulk editing of the selected group can be opened by selecting 2 or more persons in the search results. Multiple selection of objects using Shift-click, Ctrl-click or click-drag.

How to use FMSE

Unpack and install by running the .exe file.
Open Football Manager or Football Manager 2017 2017 and load your saved game.
Open FMSE 17.
Click on the download icon (small folder, top left).
Search for awards, cities, clubs, players…
Double click on an item in the results.
The new window will pop up and you can change the data there.
After finishing editing, click on the save icon (small disk, top left) for the changes to take effect.

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