Red Dead Redemption 2: Save Editor [PC / PS4] {XB36Hazard}

Editor that allows you to make various changes to RDR2 saves developed by XB36Hazard.

Note: This is BETA – version!

What platforms are supported?
-Red Dead Redemption 2 PC
-Red Dead Redemption: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
-Red Dead Redemption 2: PlayStation 4 (Decrypted Saves).

Red Dead Redemption 2: Save Editor [PC / PS4] {XB36Hazard} Free Download

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What can?
– Red Dead Redemption – * Editing Statistics
-Edit single and multiplayer statistics.

* Block (for advanced users)
-Retrieving and Replacing Raw Data Files.

– Red Dead Redemption 2 – * Character Editing
-Edit money, health, stamina, dead eye, honor and more.

* Backpack
-Editing the contents of the backpack.

* Collection (miscellaneous)
-Editing Items in the List.

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