The Outer Worlds: Save Game (Guy – Shooter, Norm, 9 Saves) [v]

Difficulty level is normal. Guy – in the last save level 30 (starting with “Unforgettable Mystery”). Leveling up: indicators – mind, skills – long-barreled, persuasion, picking, science, abilities with a bias in TZV.

Available (towards the end of the game) – the best assault rifle and sniper rifle (maximum pumping).

The Outer Worlds: Save Game (Guy – Shooter, Norm, 9 Saves) [v] Free Download

Armor – Chimera, hat – Quiet Harbor. From consumables a bunch of cartridges and first-aid kits and mods for weapons (most of them sold as unnecessary). In the captain’s cabin, all scientific weapons and a few special armor.

There are several saves in the archive during the game:

  1. Stranger in a Strange Land Mission – Edgewater Entrance.
  2. The Force Comes Mission – Fate of the Emerald Veil.
  3. Mission “The Rock That Befell Roseway” – Adventures in Roseway Gardens.
  4. Mission “Skip Anywhere”. – conversation with Wells.
  5. Mission “Cradle for Psida” – the fate of the Monarch.
  6. Mission “City and Stars” – the fate of experiments on the colonists.
  7. Mission “Unforgettable Mystery” – Hijacking “Hope”.
  8. Brave New World Mission – Team Talk.
  9. Brave New World # 2 Mission – Final.

Place your save at:

C: \ Users \ “USER” \ Saved Games \ The Outer Worlds \

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