Warhammer 40.000: Deathwatch – Enhanced: Advice (Adding Traits and Abilities)

Hello comrades, I am writing another tutorial for a game that no one needs and has long forgotten, but suddenly someone will come in handy…

In general, if you are suddenly ever interested in such a question as how to replace a paratrooper’s melta specialization with a specialization with another type of weapon, or how to add specialization or some other skill to a paratrooper who does not have it, then now I will tell you about everything.

So this is Ortho, our Ultramarine. I decided to slightly strengthen it and add the ‘Target Assessment’ skill (+ 40% to the chance of a critical hit … or + 40% to critical damage, I still don’t understand …), and therefore I need to start the hex editor (I using Hex Workshop) and look into the save game. In the game save itself, the paratrooper is searched for quite simply, by name (Ortho). Having found him, under his name you can see his statistics (accuracy, life … to modify all this, if necessary, it is much more convenient to use the Cheat Engine, in addition, a table has been created for all this, which is easy to find on the Internet). But below the statistics, we will see the following…

Turquoise marks the beginning of the sections we need, active and passive skills, respectively.

That little red byte after the turquoise is a very important number indicating, as you might guess, the total number of active and passive skills of the paratrooper, respectively.

The almost pink, yellow, and purple sections are the Paratrooper skill sections. In both screenshots, the first skill has not been learned, and the next two have been learned. You can see the difference for yourself, but if anything, I will explain everything below..

If you look at the screenshot with the game, you will notice that the skills are saved in the same order as in the game (yes, in the screenshot of the game the second active skill has not been studied, but in the game save it is).

And I think it’s quite noticeable that in each section of each skill there are two numbers highlighted in a different color. These two numbers are the ID of each skill. Each skill has its own ID, and it must be unique. If two paratroopers have the same skills with the same ID, then as soon as one paratrooper learns the skill, the second will immediately learn it. If there are different skills with the same ID, then hell knows, most likely the game simply won’t start. So the ID must be different.

The simple theory is over. Now let’s add another skill to Brother Ortho. I know for sure that Brother Hedwig has this skill, so I also look for him by name and find the segment I need that is responsible for the skill I need. Just in case, from the screenshot:

Everything is highlighted the same as in the first screenshots, only for another paratrooper. We copy this case and return to Ortho.

Since I inserted a new skill (literally before the number 17 at the beginning of the almost pink section), the first thing I did was change the total number of skills (highlighted in black).

Next, I changed the skill ID to a unique one (highlighted in turquoise). The uniqueness of the ID is easiest to check by a banal file search and driving in random numbers until, in fact, a number comes across that has no result, and therefore – there is no such ID in the save.

And it is also necessary to take into account that each skill is separated from the previous one by five empty bytes. so I added them manually (highlighted in green).

You can simply replace one of Brother Ortho’s already existing skills by selecting, for example, the almost pink section from his existing ones and replacing it. Then you just need to correct the skill ID, and in this case, you can just take the ID of the replaced skill.

But there is one nuance left: Brother Hedwig has already managed to learn this skill, and I want Ortho to honestly accumulate experience for him. So, to close the skill, you need to remove this part:

Based on my observations, a segment. responsible for open skills is the same everywhere. therefore, in theory. it can be inserted into closed skills and thus unlock them. But honestly, don’t make your life difficult. Just hack the experience. There is a Cheat Engine, there is also a convenient table for this game, so it is better to use this method to close skills….

So, let’s start the game…

Pam Pam. Thus, you can easily change / add active and passive skills. What should be noted? Well, I’ve never tried adding more than six skills to one paratrooper and have no idea how the game will react to that. I didn’t have any more problems.

That’s all for this, I take my leave.

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