Ylands: Cheat Codes

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To open the console, just press [Enter] while playing.

Ylands: Cheat Codes Free Download

By typing / cmdlist, you can see the complete list of cheats. / killme - kills the player / unstuck - unstick a symbol or car / ban - kick the player out of the game and block the account / cmdlist - display this list on the screen / promote - make the player an administrator / demote - remove the player from the administrator status / freecamera - switch the free camera / kick - kick the player out of the game / w - only those who are near you will be able to read what you are typing. How to get Unstuck: Stuck on Ship? Trapped in your home? Buried in the ground? Just hit [Enter], type: / unstuck and hit [Enter] again. A list of / unstuck 0-3 options is displayed, describing what each does. Pick the best option from 0-3, try 2 first, and if that doesn't work, then 0 or 1, whichever is closer.

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