The Russian esportsman won a million dollars and proposed to his friend. Now they hate her

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November 11, 2021
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Kirill Mikhailov is one of the most expensive esportsmen in Russia. He recently led his team to victory in a prestigious tournament and won a million dollars. With an award in his hands, he made an offer to his girlfriend, which the whole world heard – and received consent. And then the bride was attacked with harassment and accusations of commercialism.

The Russian esportsman won a million dollars and proposed to his friend.  Now they hate her

The Russian-Ukrainian cyber team Natus Vincere won the main CS: GO tournament – PGL Major Stockholm – and received a million dollars in prize money. During the award ceremony, the team captain Kirill Mikhailov, playing under the nickname Boombl4, proposed to his girlfriend.

“I know that my girlfriend in Moscow is watching this now, and I have only one question: ‘Will you marry me, Lika?’” He said into a microphone in English amid thunderous applause.

The girl answered the question via Instagram – in Stories.

“Yes Yes Yes Yes! Of course yes! A billion times yes! I adore you, beloved Boombl4! The best man in the whole wide world! ” – she wrote.

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Who is Boombl4?

Kirill Mikhailov was born on December 20, 1998, in Moscow. Now he is 22 years old, and on social networks, he is known as an esportsman and captain of the Russian-Ukrainian team Natus Vincere. His pseudonym is Boombl4, and fans refer to him as Bumych.

In the world of e-sports, they started talking about him in 2018, when the Quantum Bellator Fire team, in which Mikhailov was a member, began to show great success in various tournaments. Later, all the players on the team, except him, were sent to the reserve. Mikhailov became the captain, and a new team was essentially built around him. He played there until May 2019, when he was transferred to Natus Vincere.

Later, Winstrike CEO Yaroslav Komkov said that his transfer was the most expensive in the history of Russian esports.

And already in 2021, he led the team to victory at the main CS: GO tournament – PGL Major Stockholm.

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Lika – Bumych’s girlfriend

In addition to his successes in the field of e-sports, Bumych is doing well on his personal front. For more than a year and a half, he has had a girlfriend named Lika. According to the description of her Instagram profile, she is a young family doctor. She is now 26 years old.

On her personal page, Lika openly talks about her life. For example, she admitted that she left the university after the first year, and at the age of 18 she became pregnant by a guy she met on VKontakte.

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According to Leakey, she did not want to give birth before the age of 30, but the guy persuaded her to leave the child. Two years later, he left her and renounced parental rights, and Lika became a single mother.

“I had to cope, but I have a strong beloved family, parents, and brother. It was easy for me. I gave birth at 19, and I have the healthiest baby and an awesome figure after giving birth, ”the girl wrote under one of her posts.

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Lika admitted that after what happened, the desire to build a family life disappeared from her: she wanted to live for herself and her child. According to her, everything changed with the advent of Kirill Mikhailov.

“And then I fell in love again. Much stronger! And when you fall in love, thoughts about the family automatically appear. Why am I: never despair and do not give up! ” – she called on her subscribers.

In her account, you can also find several photos with a child, but mostly she publishes shots with herself. Lika attends photoshoots, goes to the gym, and makes big plans for her career. She intends to invest heavily in her TikTok and Instagram, and also wants to start her own business. True, with what it will be, Lika has not yet decided. Among the options, the girl called the opening of a restaurant, a beauty salon, or the creation of her own brand of lingerie.

Why are fans against it?

From the outside, it seems that Kirill and Lika are doing well and both are excited about the new stage in their relationship. The bride on her Instagram posted a video with the moment of the proposal, and also accompanied it with a large text. She wrote that no man had done this before and no one would have had the courage to do it.

“For this, I also love you, Kirill! I do not believe that there is at least someone like you! We are like two madmen. Like Romeo and Juliet. Even if the whole world is against our union, we will not stop, ”the signature read.

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In the end, Lika promised that their fairy tale would have a happy ending. However, fans do not share their joy, and if you open the comments under the last post of Bumych on Instagram, then, in addition to congratulations on the victory, you can find dozens of wishes to part with the girl as soon as possible.

“Brother, you deserve the best. You don’t need it, believe me, ”wrote crapdosis.

“Friend, change your mind,” read china.child_’s comment.

And a user with the nickname lolitafortres said that it was a mistake to make an offer to Lika.

“Congratulations to your entire team on such an important victory in your life, but I can’t understand why you proposed to this abuser? Dude, throw it up. Don’t do anything stupid, ”another fan with the nickname goose.official1 urged.

Most of these comments are due to the fact that fans of the esportsman believe that Lika is using him for money.

“You shouldn’t have made an offer, of course, don’t you understand that she’s with you for the sake of money? Wake up before it’s too late! She broke up with you, and as soon as you won, she immediately returned and agreed. An adult, don’t be so naive! ” – called the commentator tetya_beatris.

Parting of Bumych and Lika

The suspicions are related to the fact that in October the couple had already parted, as reported on their social networks. Lika wrote that they broke up with Cyril, but maintained friendship and communication. She said that her heart was broken and that no other guy would turn her head so much.

“It’s a pity that we didn’t succeed. We turned out to be very different. It was I who decided to leave. Now, instead of a boyfriend, I will have a job, Instagram, TikTok, and my own business, which I will try to open with my best efforts. I have no helpers. I will do everything myself and share my successes with you, ”the girl promised.

She also noted that Cyril was the best of the “few exes”, although he was not a match for her. In parallel with this, Lika complained that even then everyone “pounced on her, as if she were a thief.” To clarify the situation, she even wrote a separate post in which she said that her parents had an apartment, a house, and a family business in Moscow. She herself is a certified doctor, and she does not need other people’s money.

“It’s a shame when some of you write that I need money from him. We each have our own budget. I will never take someone else’s. I am very proud. Cyril will confirm, ”the girl emphasized.

Bumych also wrote about his breakup with his girlfriend but soon deleted his post from Instagram, but his text remained on VKontakte. In his text, he admitted that he had lost the person for whom he wanted to wake up and achieve new heights every day.

“I tried numerous times to solve all the problems that we had, but, unfortunately, instead of solving them, she decided to end everything and run away from them. For me, it is tantamount to giving up, and only weak people give up. I know myself very well and will never fall in love with a weak person, and I know that she is a strong, intelligent, and talented girl, ”said Kirill.

In his opinion, Lika was experiencing problems that she needed to figure out on her own, and he could not do anything about it. Cyril wrote about how bored he is and cannot fully realize that everything he has lived with for the last year and a half is over.

“My current life and goals are to take care of myself and continue to do what I have been doing all my life, to try to become the best in what I do. One of the most important tournaments for me and my team is waiting for me very soon, ”the post read.

The guy also promised fans that what happened would not affect his game and his desire to train and win. In this regard, Kirill did not lie, because NAVI soon became the winners of the tournament.

And shortly before that, Lika seemed to have sorted out her problems, because a joint photo appeared on her page with the caption: “Kirill and I met yesterday, had a rest, talked. The Queen made it clear that she is very eager to win the Major. ” After a while, she removed the post, I wrote the site

However, after the marriage proposal, there was no doubt – the guys were reunited. And while some congratulate them on their engagement, others are trying to convict Lika of selfish motives. It seems that unable to withstand the negativity on social networks, the girl made her Instagram account private. Neither she nor Kirill have commented on the situation yet.

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