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February 22, 2024
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By Jonny Gamer

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Doom Eternal has many collectibles that can be found and collected by gamers. Unlike DOOM 2016, in which you could enter cheat codes through the console line, for codes in Eternal you will need to find flexible media (floppy disks) hidden at different levels. In total, you can find 14 cheat codes, and we described their location below.

To simplify the search for cheat codes, we give their location in chapters, as we move along the plot of the game. Below you will find out what a particular cheat code does, as well as where it can be found at the story level. The chronological order will allow you to collect all the cheats already in the first passage of each task.

Cheat code “Endless Lives” – Quest “Hell on Earth”

You can unlock this cheat code during the first story quest. Continue to pass the level until you get out of the subway, wherein in the end, there will be a Code page. Follow further until you reach a room with three zombies, a soldier, and an explosive barrel. Kill the enemies and go forward. Tentacles will appear for the first time. On the right side, you will find a box that you can climb. Do it and climb even higher into the ventilation. Get through it and find yourself in an area with a secret.

What gives: endless extra lives, allowing the Executioner to be reborn right during the battle.

Cheat code “All runes” – Base Stronghold of the Guardians

Sentinel Stronghold has a total of two cheat codes. However, at the beginning of the game, you can access only one. After you get the two batteries of the Sentinels (and unlock the Stronghold control panel), go to the back of the ship, go down and turn right to the door behind which there is an outer tower. When you open it with two batteries, then unlock the Praetorian armor (skin for the Executioner). Having done this, inspect the room and on the left, you will find a hole in the wall. Jump through a hole into outer space, turn around and jerkily get to the secret room below. When you pick up the cheat code, a portal will appear here, allowing you to go back.

What gives: unlocks all 9 runes, and you no longer need to look for them.

Cheat code IDDQD – Task “Base of sectarians”

After you get a super-shotgun, enter the eight-column room. Each column has a green castles. You must defeat them in order to rescue opponents or gain access to prey. After you unlock all the columns, the exit from the room will open. But do not rush. Stand in the center, where the only tower remains. Use the bars on the sidewalls of the central tower to fly up. Immediately turn towards this tower and jerk to its top. There you will find a cheat code.

What it gives: Guard armor will work throughout the level. They strengthen the executioner. You can get the armor in normal situations if you die too often in the same place (for example, in a boss fight). The game will simply offer you this gain, but you have the right to refuse it.

Doom Eternal: How to Open Cheat Codes

Cheat code “Silver Bullet Mode” – Quest “Doom Hunters Aviary”

After you open the stone sarcophagus, use the climbing wall to move up. Before you jump over the abyss, continue to climb higher to discover the secret at the top of the column. You can also jump through the hole on the roof to find the praetorian token inside the column.

What gives: all stunned demons will die from a single shot or blow.

Endless Ammunition Cheat Code – Blood Super Nest Quest

The following cheat code can be found in the quest “Bloody Super Nest”. Go through the level until you get the yellow key. After that, go to the next major plot hassle, and then look for a cracked wall on the left side of the platform, on which there are places for three different keys. On the other hand, a secret is also visible, but the passage is closed with bones.

What gives: endless ammo for any weapon.

IDKFA cheat code – Task “Committee Complex”

When you reach the third building in this mission, look for the cheat code in the hole where you fly using the crossbar on the second floor of the huge building, outside the window. Skipping is almost impossible.

What gives: access to all weapons, equipment, and improvements.

Cheat code “Upgraded costume” – Base Stronghold of the Guardians

After you return to the Stronghold of the Sentinels with a new energy source (install the key), go to the central part on the top floor, not far from the control panel. Look to the right of the platform on which the “question mark” is located. There will be a red dot on the stained-glass. Shoot it so that a red jump bar appears. Use it to fly into the ventilation system from the ceiling and get to the upper platform with a cheat code on it.

What it gives: Unlocks all improvements for Praetorian armor.

Cheat code “Onslaught amplification mode” – Task “The core of Mars”

During the passage of the mission “Mars Nucleus” you will have to get to a spacious room with many tentacles. Deal with opponents and go to the room on the right to find a cheat code that is not hidden in any way.

What gives: throughout the entire level, this reinforcement will strengthen, enhancing the executioner’s attacks.

Cheat code “Rage gain mode” – Task “Taras Nabad”

After the second section, where you will need to swim underwater, get to a new location with another hassle. Turn left and tear down the wall to gain access to the secret hassle. To the left of the altar activating the hassle is a cheat code.

What gives: throughout the level this gain will increase, increasing the executioner’s speed.

Doom Eternal: How to Open Cheat Codes

Cheat code “Hunger Mode” – Task “Nekravol”

After you pass under the second set of crushers, pay attention to the cells rising from the side. Jump down from where the left cells (from two rows) rise to reveal a secret area with a cheat code.

What gives: health and armor points will not drop out of demons.

Cheat code “Party Mode” – Task “Nekravol II”

In the second part of Nekravol you need to get to the huge tunnel where you jump after the third battle. Until you rush to fall there! Instead, jump to the ledge on the left, at the same level. Then look at the right wall and find a crack in it. Fly up, smash and pick up the next cheat code.

Cheat code “Berserk gain mode” – Task “Nekravol II”

After setting up the second ring of three, look outside the building, on your left hand, a niche with a destructible wall. After breaking it, you will find inside a secret cheat code.

What gives: throughout the level, this reinforcement will act. At the same time, the cheat code only works in some missions!

QuakeCon Mode Cheat Code – Special Condition

To unlock the cheat code, you need to completely improve the praetorian’s costume in the current save box (unlock all praetorian skills).

What it gives: A cheat code adds invisible viewers to the game. They will applaud and scream in response to your actions in the game. The steeper you play, the more noisy the audience will be.

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