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February 22, 2024
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By Jonny Gamer

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In addition to the storyline campaign, DOOM Eternal offers gamers access to the multiplayer asymmetric Battlemode mode. In it, one player takes on the role of the Executioner, and the other two choose demons. Both warring parties have their own unique features and abilities, but the task is identical – to destroy the enemy.

There are five different demons in Battlemode, including Archville, Elemental of Pain, Mancubus, Marauder, and Revenant. Mancubus is the best choice, archville and the elemental of pain are also not bad. To demonstrate your best qualities and increase your chances of winning, check out our tips below.

Play the campaign

Each demon has a convenient training system that details the unique abilities and style of the game. But you must also master perfectly what is available to the Executioner. The executioner in Battlemode has all weapons and modifications open, so you get access to the full arsenal of weapons immediately. This not only makes the Executioner a real splinter at the fifth point but also means that you must learn to use the right weapon for each demon.

Muscle memory is more important than ever in Battlemode. And the best way to train her is to go through the DOOM Eternal storyline campaign. In single-player, you will learn each item of equipment in a moderate rhythm. It unlocks as you progress, the game does not overload you with a lot of information. Let the use of cryogranates and the “Flame Rejector” become a habit, and, believe me, after that you can create destructive combos in a multiplayer game.

Don’t stop for a second

The key to success in both the story campaign and Battlemode is the executioner’s high mobility. Use everything to maintain it, including double jumps and double jerks. Destroy ordinary demons running AI to restore health points and resources.

At combat locations there are many platforms for jumps, crossbars, and portals, transporting you to another part of the level. Again, if you have completed at least half of the storyline campaign, you have already learned how to use them to maximize the benefits. Use these elements in order to catch up with demons or hide from trouble. And being in the air will allow you to carefully study the game location and plan your future actions.

Choose upgrades wisely

At the end of each round, you can choose an upgrade that will give an advantage in the next battle. These improvements are similar to the runes that you get during the story campaign. And although most of them seem useful, I have already formed TOP leaders for myself. The first update is a skill that allows you to quickly restore the executioner’s spurt. “Demon Speed” will allow you to quickly perform brutal killings, and “Source of Resources” – get more health points when destroying demons.

Doom Eternal: How to Win in Battlemode

Do not forget about the main goal

In no case do not ignore the bunch of demons running AI that run after you everywhere. Look at them as caches with resources. Yes, they do not pose a significant threat, but can be useful for the Executioner to get the necessary ammunition, health points, and armor. Also, try to make the two demons controlled by the players separate. You can smash them with the Flame Rejector. Then focus on one while the other tries to catch up with you. Keep track of the health indicators of each demon. Remember that you will have a limited amount of time to kill the second demon after destroying the first. If you do not have time, then the fallen demon will be reborn and you will have to start all over again. And the demon who has lost his partner will try to hide from you anyway. Leave the most powerful weapon for him. Better yet, try to make sure that before killing one demon, the second enemy has as few health points as possible.

Examine Your Demon

Check the training manuals for each daemon by choosing Battlemode and Training. Select the demon you would like to play. Each of them has its own unique set of abilities, as well as attacking and protective equipment. Offensive equipment for all demons includes acceleration, increasing movement speed by 50% for the next 5 seconds. There is also the possibility of creating a toxic area, which within a few seconds will cause the executioner damage. The protective equipment has a four-second skill that reduces incoming damage by 50%, as well as a demon healing zone (gives +100 HP for 8 seconds, but you need to be inside this area).

Maximize Damage

Not much time has passed since the release of the game, therefore, so far no better team of demons has been formed that interact well with each other. Nevertheless, we can already say for sure that teamwork is the best strategy to create problems for the executioner. Choose a team from archville and looter. Archville can install his wall of flame to shield himself from the executioner, and behind the wall where the enemy is located, create a toxic zone that causes him damage. Meanwhile, the marauder will place a second toxic site nearby, and then call on his wolf, who will pursue the executioner. Look for synergy between demons, complement each other with skills and the Executioner will no longer seem to you a storm of demons!

Block loot falling from demons

Regardless of the equipment chosen, each demon has access to the ability to block prey. This is a mechanic that allows you to block the prey, which the executioner could potentially pick up. Loot from AI demons will stop dropping for 3 seconds. Coordinate these actions with your teammate to maximize this block and create the Executioner even more problems.

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