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April 30, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

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* “Flt_taa_variance” – controls the aggressiveness of neighborhood restrictions in the history of TAA (the lower the more aggressive). Setting this value makes the TAA sharper and less prone to ghosting, but also increases aliasing and noise. The default value is 1.0, so it is strongly recommended that you set it to 0.5 to significantly reduce the side effects of TAA without any significant impact on the quality of TAA.

* “Flt_taa” – by default 1, setting 0 disables TAA. Usually not recommended, but it can be fun to experiment with.

* “Pt_fake_roughness_threshold” – determines when to display true traced mirror reflections against fake, but less noisy mirror shaders. By default, 0.25, higher increases the effect of path tracing, setting to 1 completely disables fake reflections. As a rule, it is recommended to leave the value 0.25, but if for some reason you play without a squelch, I highly recommend setting it to 1, otherwise, there will be no enough mirror lighting.

* “Flt_antilag_lf” – determines the power of the anti-lag filter for the indirect diffuse channel. The default value is 0.2, it is recommended to change the value to 1 to reduce the time delay in some cases.

* “Flt_min_alpha_color_lf”, “flt_min_alpha_moments_hf” – both default values ​​are 0.01, it is recommended to change both values ​​by 0.1 to reduce the time delay in some circumstances.

Quake II RTX Cheat Codes and Console Commands

* “Pt_texture_lod_bias” – determines the LOD offset for all textures. Lower results give sharper, but noisier textures, especially at a distance. The default value is 0.5, I use 0, I recommend experimenting and finding what you think is the best way (note that to get even sharper results, this can be a negative value)

* “Flt_scale_hf”, “flt_scale_lf”, “flt_scale_spec” – they scale the influence of three types of light. All defaults to 1, which is recommended for better quality. However, it may be interesting to experiment with setting some of them to 0 to isolate certain lighting channels. For example, if you set flt_scale_hf (the scale of the direct illumination channel) and flt_scale_lf (the scale of the indirect scattering channel) to 0, you will see only specular lighting.

* “Cl_adjustfov” 1 “- install the correct widescreen support (Hor +). The weapon model looks like in the original resolution 4: 3, otherwise it is cut from the bottom. You need to put “seta cl_adjustfov 1” in autoexec.cfg because it is not saved in the configuration.

* “Sun_animate” – the speed of the sun. If set to 20, it will make the whole circle in about one minute. The position of the sun must be set to “manual” for this to work.

* “Bind f12 screenshotpng” – take PNG screenshots instead of JPG by pressing F12.

* “M_pitch -0.022” – invert the mouse.

* “” Notarget ”- enemies will not attack you if you did not attack them first.

* “Nomonsters 1”, then “newgame” – reloads the map without enemies.

This concludes the Quake II RTX Cheat Codes and Console Commands Guide. I hope this helps you. If something is wrong or you have suggestions, please let us know and comment on us. Have some fun.

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