Company of Heroes 2 – Master Collection: Trainer (+24) [] [64 Bit] {Baracuda} Video Game Trainers

Trainer was made on Cheat Engine scripts on windows 8.1 [64 Bit] on the License and the Pirate version of the game [Game version]

Company of Heroes 2 – Master Collection: Trainer (+24) [] [64 Bit] {Baracuda} Free Download

Trainer was tested on Windows 7-Windows 8.1-Windows 10

If Trainer does not start and displays an error related to the Cheat Engine program
install the Cheat Engine program it is in the archive with Trainer. Or download the Cheat Engine program from the official site as Trainer is part of the Cheat Engine program

Trainer is in the archive for unpacking you will need WinRAR or WinZIP

Put Trainer in the exceptions of the Antivirus program, so that the Antivirus program does not delete Trainer, this is important.

Start the GAME first, then Trainer (Or vice versa).
During the game, press the keys indicated in the Trainer.

For whom Trainer does not work, make sure that the shortcut to launch the game, which you have in the main directory of the installed game, is called RelicCoH2 if not then rename it to RelicCoH2, it is necessary.

Trainer will not work correctly, or will not work at all, if you have two hard drives, one has windows, and the other hard drive has games installed, and you decide to reinstall your operating system, or install a different operating system, then the games that you on the second hard disk, they also need to be removed and reinstalled, and on th Trainer will not work correctly, or will not work at all.

If Trainer does not start, you need to make compatibility mode with Windows vista or Windows 7, or other operating systems, if you start the game running as administrator and Windows 7 compatibility, then Trainer must also be launched with this data, or simply run as administrator.

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