The Forest: Trainer (+5) [1.12] {TREEValeriaTREE}

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May 13, 2021
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By Jonny Gamer

The Forest: Trainer (+5) [1.12] {TREEValeriaTREE}

The Forest: Trainer (+5) [1.12] {TREEValeriaTREE} Free Download


The trainer is exclusively made on the cheat engine, and cannot in any way carry VIRUSES. Since it is verified by the trainer author himself.

How to activate The Forest: Trainer (+5):

1. Start the game.

2. Go alone or multiplayer (Doesn’t matter. Works there and there.)

3. Run trainer from NAME OF ADMINISTRATOR.

4. Enable features specific to you. Click Num lock – To use keys such as Numeric 1, Numeric 2, Numeric 3, Numeric 4, Numeric 5.

Conclusion: Now you have dealt with the trainer and are ready to use it. By the way, the author is responsible for your PC.

ATTENTION! The trainer works only on version 1.12, and only on the process of playing TheForest.exe (Taken from the instructions of the trainer.).


1. Added functions: Infinite Energy, Infinite Stamina.

2. The names of the buttons have been changed to Latin characters.

The Forest: Trainer (+5) [1.12] {TREEValeriaTREE}
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