Who Will Win the 2021 World Championship LoL Finals?

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November 8, 2021
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By Jonny Gamer

Millions of fans worldwide enjoy playing League of Legends. They also love watching prestigious LoL esports competitions, especially when the season is in its last stages. That’s what happening now because we only have the final of the prestigious 2021 World Championship left. Here are all the details to know about this tournament.

Who Will Win the 2021 World Championship LoL Finals?

Where Is the League of Legends Worlds 2021 Held?

Iceland is the host country of this prestigious annual tournament established in 2021. Riot Games secured $2.225 million for the participants. Although international recognition comes with success, the winners surely won’t mind the $489K main prize.

2021 World Championship in League of Legends gathered 22 teams from 11 regions. The competition started with a play-in stage to complete the main draw. The final stage split 16 teams into four groups, and two from each group progressed into the knockout phase.

Who Are the Finalists of 2021 World Championship LoL?

The finals will pit Edward Gaming from China against DWG KIA from South Korea. It seems that the Chinese team had a more difficult job getting into the finals. They ended up second in their group with four wins and two losses. Both quarter and semifinal matches were incredibly exciting. They won matches against both Royal Never Give Up and Gen.G 3-2. It’s interesting to note that their semifinal opponent was also from South Korea.

As for DWG KIA, they played brilliantly and had all wins until the semifinal. That includes six wins in the group and a 3-0 victory against MAD Lions in the quarterfinal. DWG Kia was down 1-2 against T1 in the semifinal but won in the last two sessions to secure the finals.

The rules for the finals are the same as for the rest of the knockout stage. The event will take place on November 6th, and the winner will be the first team to win three sessions. It’s interesting that the winner won’t only get a hefty prize, but also a trophy called Summoner’s Cup.

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