Dark Souls 2: Trainer (+13) [All Versions] {Artur} – Update: 11/27/2015

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Supported versions: should work on all.
You must have .NET Framework 4.6 installed.


  • Infinite health
  • Teleportation (save / load player coordinates with the ability to record them for later use). Based on the solution of Alexander D. Better load the coordinates when the player is standing and then try to move – you should teleport, if not, then press the button for loading coordinates again.
  • The chance of dropping items can be maximized (they will drop from each enemy and any level of rarity)
  • Infinite items in inventory (quantity does not decrease when used)
  • Kill with one hit (everyone except the player will die from one hit or when they lose health) – attention: the assistants you summon will also die from one hit or from a small fall, which causes loss of health
  • Soul history (increases only if the current number of souls starts to exceed it) with an option to stop receiving souls
  • Add as many souls as you want (maximum 999999999) – this option will work if the soul history option is enabled and after that you have killed at least one enemy whose death gives souls. Soul history increases first if the specified number of souls is greater than the soul history.
  • Things don’t deteriorate, infinite stamina, infinite torch, magic

Dark Souls 2: Trainer (+13) [All Versions] {Artur} – Update: 11/27/2015 Free Download

You can also replace the drop from the next enemy (does not affect bosses) with the selected item (items and their codes are in the items.txt file). After the death of an enemy, you can see a list of possible drops from him. The function of increasing the chance of a drop is not needed for these actions, but with it you will get the desired item faster.

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