Dark Souls 3: SaveGame [52 checkpoints] Only Single {condemned123}

Dark Souls 3: SaveGame [52 checkpoints] Only Single

The archive “save.dark.souls.3.condemned123.7z” phased saves (52 saves) for the game Dark Souls III

!!! Attention !!!

Saves are only for the local game (i.e. NOT via the Internet)

If you get into the multiplayer with these saves – then SOFT-BAN is provided !!!

I repeat – play only single player (single company without an Internet)

Why save?

After you complete the game yourself (honestly), you may want to return to a certain point in the plot and open the missed location and bring down BOSS from this lock.
Either get an unknown set of armor or wave a rare sword. Or change their actions at a certain moment and, as a result, change the entire further course of the game. (I’m sure that not everyone wants to go through everything from scratch to find some kind of writing).

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