Dying Light: Trainer (+27) [1.5.0_64 Bit] {Baracuda}

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The Trainer was made on Cheat Engine scripts on windows 8 x64 for pirates ver1.5.0 with a tablet from (RELOADED)

NUMPAD 0 Infinite Lives (200-Lives)

Dying Light: Trainer (+27) [1.5.0_64 Bit] {Baracuda} Free Download

NUMPAD 1 Infinite Lives (9999-Lives)
NUMPAD 2 No Ammo No Reload
NUMPAD 3 No Ammo With Reload
NUMPAD 4 Infinite Stamina
NUMPAD 5 No Fatigue
NUMPAD 6 Weapon Does Not Break
NUMPAD 7 Accurate Weapon
NUMPAD 8 Instant Upgrade Points
NUMPAD 9 Infinite Money
NUMPAD / Infinite Items
NUMPAD * Infinite First Aid Kits
NUMPAD - Lock Picks Don't Break
NUMPAD - Infinite Lock Picks
P + NUMPAD 0 Endless Flashlight
P + NUMPAD 1 No Throwing Items
P + NUMPAD 2 Hook Cat No Reload
P + NUMPAD 3 Standard Run Speed
P + NUMPAD 4 Average Run Speed
P + NUMPAD 5 Super Run Speed
P + NUMPAD 6 Standard Jump
P + NUMPAD 7 Medium Jump
P + NUMPAD 8 Super Jump
P + NUMPAD 9 Set 9 PM
P + NUMPAD / Set 12 Hours Night
P + NUMPAD * Set 7 Morning Hours
P + NUMPAD - Set 11 Hours Of The Day

The trainer is in the archive for unpacking you will need WinRAR or WinZIP

Start the GAME first, then the TRAINER (Or vice versa).
During the game, press the keys indicated in the trainer.

Put the Trainer, in the exceptions of the Antivirus program, so that the Antivirus
did not delete Trainer this is important.

For whom the trainer does not work, make sure that the shortcut to launch the game,
which you have in the main catalog of the installed game is called
DyingLightGame if not, then change it to DyingLightGame, this is a must.

The trainer will not work correctly, or will not work at all,
if you reinstalled windows and did not delete the game, then the trainer will not work correctly,
or will not work at all, so if you uninstall windows, then uninstall the game,
and put it on a new one.

If the trainer does not start, you need to do the Compatibility mode with Windows vista or Windows 7,
if you start the game, running as administrator and Windows 7 compatibility,
then the trainer must be run with this data.

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