Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Cheat (PC Trainer V (Official) 1.0) Video Game Trainers

Trainer with V is finally out on PC.

Features of the

Fully supports gamepad, mouse and keyboard
Complete animation player for player and bodyguards

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Cheat (PC Trainer V (Official) 1.0) Free Download

Object Peds / Cars to choose from a variety of custom made cars with objects attached to them.
The spawner object is either used with a gamepad or keyboard.
Create a custom camera and attach it to the player’s bone or set a custom offset and sync it with the player coordinates and rotation of the game camera.
View Texture
Customize any vehicle to your liking.

Full specifications below:
Player animation (play all game animations)
Animation Clipsets (choose different motion clipsets)

Audio Video
Video player (play TV channels from the menu)
Mobile Radio (listen to the radio while walking)

Bodyguard spawning (spawning of all existing ped models)
Occurrence (change in pediatrics appearance)
Accessories (change pediatrics props / accessories)
Player animation (play all game animations on bodyguards)
Bodyguard options (remove bodyguards, change group formation and spacing, give weapons, change visibility and teleport them to you).
Max bodyguards (set the number of bodyguards from 1-7)

Custom Cameras
Top view (camera looks at the player)
Create a custom camera and attach it to the player’s bone or set a custom offset and synchronize it with the player coordinates and rotation of the game camera.

Mod Map
Load IPL on the game maps there are only two added for now, hopefully all of them and possibly custom maps that are loaded via their ini.

North Yankton
Load / Unload North Yankton.

Ped / Vehicle Object
Load custom made cars with objects attached to them by Cerberus and player models with objects attached to bones by blunt evil.

Spawner object (supports mouse / keyboard controller as well)
Spawn an object / ped / ship model and place them anywhere you want or attach them to a player / vehicle.
(There are models that do not spawn they have been left in for now while I figure out why).

Change model (selection from all available ped models)
Appearance (change the current view of the model)
Accessories (change the current models of props / accessories)
Explosion on the player
Health (give full health, give full armor, invincible set or proof player set)
Special (enable / disable the main model of special abilities or set it to infinite)
Unlimited slanting eye (e.g. red dead slanting eye redemption, with original concept by JDMAlex)
Visibility (change player visibility and alpha levels)
Wanted (set player max / min wanted level or never wanted, etc.)
Weapon (give your player a weapon)
Settings (select players, run speed, speed swim and super jump)

Teleport to preset points / points / 1-15 feet in front or teleport to custom coordinates of your choice.

View Texture
View in-game textures from script_txds.PFR and DLC.

Spawning vehicle (choose from all existing models including dlts)
Customization (Customize your ship model to your liking)
Additionally (change funds additionally, if any)
Respray (changing the color of vehicles, tires, smoke, etc.)
Health (repair vehicle, install invincible or install vehicles, proof)
Modify (open / close or remove vehicles, armored doors, headlights, change vehicle license plates and engine sounds)
Multipliers (change acceleration, brakes and handling, etc.)
Speedometers (need txd to work, will be refitted to upload PNG eventually)
Equipping weapons (shoot missiles, lasers, etc.)
Visibility (change the visibility of the ship and Alpha levels)

World & Games
Display options (Display player / vehicle coordinates or game camera coordinates display)
Gravity parameters (set player / car gravity)
Hood and radar options (hidden in HUD and radar or choose what to hide)
Disable pause (disables the pause menu)
Stat editor (change various stats for the main model)
Time (set time, set day / night 24/7, freeze, time sync and time scale)
Movement and ped (set traffic on / off, etc.)
Unlock Achievements
Weather (change game weather and change timecycle modifiers)

Options Menu
Menu position (change menu from left or right position)
Fonts menu (change titles or font menu items)
Menu color scheme (changes to different parts of the menu in a different color scheme)
Launch by default (change startup menu settings edit C: \ Users \\ Documents \ Rockstar games \ mod for GTA \ pc_trainer.ini to define your own)
Sound effects menu (turn sound effects menu on / off)
Draw with Tool
Keyboard Shortcuts
Reset menu (reset menu to default settings)

(Xbox controller / keyboard and mouse)

-Open / close the menu with (RB + cross left / H key) or edit C: \ Users \\ Documents \ Rockstar games \ mod for GTA \ pc_trainer.ini to define your own bind combinations.
-Menu navigation (cross / scroll arrows)
-Select parameter (in / in)
-Come back (B / come back)

Keyboard Shortcuts
-Movable radiotelephone (x + cross down / space + scroll down arrows)
Vehicle – Invincible (RSTICK + X Down / In + Scroll Down Arrows)
-Vehicle repair (RSTICK + OAPR right / x + right scroll arrows)
-Clear wanted (B + cross down / key “backspace + scroll down arrows)
-Player invisible (B + cross left / key “backspace + scroll arrows left)
-The ship is invisible (B + cross to the right / key “backspace + scroll arrows to the right)

– Place inside your games root directory.

– Put in C: \ Users \\ Documents \ Rockstar Games \ GTA V \ pc_trainer.ini.
(The trainer will create one automatically with default settings if not found)

speedometers. from the beginning of the year
– Place on .since beginning of the year in script_txds.opp located in update.opp using OpenIV
\ Car theft with V \ update \ update.rpf \ x64 \ textures \ script_txds.rpf \

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  1. Definitely worth buying a second time. The first person perspective changes the way the game is played and more importantly the way its experienced. Tons of little details that you just don’t see from the 3rd person view. Remember how you felt the very first time you played GTA 3 on the PS2? That’s how you will feel playing GTA V in first person. Simply amazing. Now i have download these cheats and i am enjoying a lot. Thanks

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