Imperator: Rome Video Game Cheat Codes

The console in this strategy can be opened by pressing one of the following hot keys:

[`], [~] or [Shift] + [2]. After that, just enter any command you select
into the text box and press the [Enter] key to activate it.

Note: For a complete list of available commands, type help in the console.
Press the arrow keys [up] or [down],
to see previously executed commands.

Many cheats can be turned off by re-entering the command,
but sometimes you need to restart the save or exit the game.

List Imperator: Rome Cheat Codes:

cash [amount] – adds the specified amount of money
manpower [number] – adds the specified number of labor (in thousands).
warexhauration [number] – increases war fatigue by the marked amount
(or maximum if the exact quantity has not been indicated).
stab – allows you to establish stability in the state
centralization [number] – sets centralization to the specified number.
annex [country tag] – allows you to annex any selected country.
army [number of cohorts] [province] – adds a certain number of cohorts
to the selected province.
army_loyalty [<province> <number>] – sets army loyalty in the selected province
to the specified value.
sailors [number] – adds the specified number of sailors.
civilwar [country tag] – starts a civil war in the specified country.
conquer [province] – allows you to conquer the specified province.
horde [province] – spawns a barbarian horde in the specified province.
kill [character id] – allows you to kill the selected target.
fow – turn on / off the fog of war.
ti – turn Terra Incognita on / off.
power [quantity] – increases points the effect on the specified value
prestige [number] – increases prestige by the specified amount
legitimacy [number] – increase the legitimacy of the current ruler by the specified number
adm [number] – get the specified number of administrative power points
dip [amount] – get the indicated number of points of diplomatic power
mil [amount] – get the indicated number of points of military power
revolt [country tag] – launches an uprising in the specified country
tick_day [number of days] – increases the time by the specified number of days
yesman – allows on / off AL’s full consent to the player’s suggestions.
debug_mode – displays the province identifier, country tag
and the distance to the border when you hover over a region

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