Metro Exodus: Trainer / Trainer (+23) [CPY] {LIRW / GHL} Updated Free Download

We start the game first, and in the main menu of the game (or in the already started game in the pause mode), we launch the trainer.

Metro Exodus: Trainer / Trainer (+23) [CPY] {LIRW / GHL} Updated Free Download

1.> Immortality.
2.> Endless flashlight.
3.> Clean weapons.
4.> Durability of the mask.
5.> Without reloading weapons.
6.> Infinite ammo.
7.> Infinite filter time.
8.> Weapon accuracy.
9.> Endless first-aid kits.
10.> Infinite bombs, knives.
11.> Damage to mutants increased 100 times.
12.> No recoil weapons.
13.> Without overheating weapons.
14.> Infinite craft items.

Since the key was not enough, I made them paired. Hold down the “Insert” key and press the key on the trainer panel.
For example, “God mode” Insert + a
Infinite air added to the machine gun.
Jetpack added.
Added features.
Endless rail.
Enemies do not attack.
Added game radar.
Added teleport on the crosspiece of the sight. Key … (Tilda)
I only updated the interface with replacing the font with a larger one.

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