Monster Hunter: World: Trainer (+26) [1.0 – UPD: 11/09/2018] {FLiNG}

Author Edition Version Tongue Functions Date of creation
FLiNG Steam Latest Eng / Chn 26 11/11/2018


Monster Hunter: World: Trainer (+26) [1.0 – UPD: 11/09/2018] {FLiNG}

Hotkey Eng Rus
Numpad 1 Inf. Health Immortality
Numpad 2 Inf. Stamina Besk. Endurance
Numpad 3 Max Sharpness Max. Definition
Numpad 4 Inf. Bag Items Besk. Items in Bag
Numpad 5 Inf. Ammo Besk. Ammunition
Numpad 6 Spec. Eq. No CD Specialist. Outfit. No recharge
Numpad 7 NC For Ent. Skills Instant Perez. for District Skills.
Numpad 8 Super Speed Super Speed
Numpad 9 OH Wound (Easy Capture) One Hit Wounds (Light Capture)
Numpad 0 One Hit Kill Instant Kills
Ctrl+Num . Discover All Monsters on Map Show All Monsters on Map
Ctrl+Alt+P Show Monster Blood Show Monster Blood
F1 Inf. Money Besk. Money
F2 Add Money Add Money
F3 Add Surv. Points Add Research Points
F4 Inf. Items (Wareh.) Besk. Items in stock
F5 No Eq. Need. for Str. Eq. No Requ. for Amp. Outfit.
F6 No Eq Need. for Prod. Eq. No Requ. for Creat. Outfit.
F7 Change Hunter Lvl. Change Hunter Level
F8 Get All Rewards Give All Rewards
F9 Knife – Get Red Blade Knife – Give The Red Blade
F10 Axe – Red Shield + Redb. Ax – Red Shield + Kras. Blade
F11 Axe – High Outp. Status Ax – Superior Condition
Home Home Cancel All

Instructions for use:

  • Copy all files from the archive to the root of the installed game.
  • Run the trainer first, then the game.
  • During the game, press the keys indicated in the trainers.


  • There may be a false alarm of your antivirus on the trainer before the game does not forget to turn off the AV in order to avoid conflicts with it.
  • The trainer is intended only for a digital license, work on pirated versions is not guaranteed!

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