Payday 2: Trainer (+30) [0.2.4] {Alan} Video Game Trainers

Quite a simple trainer. Developed by me.

1. Complete immortality;
2. Modular loading;
3. Fake name;
4. Auto-check for updates (allow outgoing HTTP connection to on port 80);

Payday 2: Trainer (+30) [0.2.4] {Alan} Free Download

5. Disable anti-cheat;
6. Unlock DLC;
7. Immortality, endless bullets, all that kind of nonsense. Found in the “Game-related cheats” menu;
8. Marks on Gage Packs (packs with modifications for weapons);
9. Detector of the correct engine on Big Oil / Day2;
10. Stacker of bags;
11. An infinite number of interactions;
12. Skillpoints editor;
13. Free casino game;
14. Free purchase of assets;
15. Free contracts;
16. RSS feed for updates and news;
17. Extended and more convenient configuration (minimum knowledge of English is required);
18. Removed the limit on drawing in the planning stage at The Big Bank;
19. Removed the limit on the maximum number of assets for planning the mission of The Big Bank;
20. Planning assets are now free;
21. Ability to drive more than one hostage at a time;
22. API for working with your own scripts (beta);
23. Free killing of civilians;
24. Instant switching of weapons;
25. Accelerated donning of the mask;


one. possible bug from this branch: / cheats / payday_2_simple_assista..
Nevertheless, the configuration of the cheat has undergone major changes, which should save almost all users from the existing bug..

Install / Update:
Described in readme.txt

Open the file config.txt, located along the following path: SteamApps / common / PAYDAY2 / base / and edit according to the following hints:

The string “FakeName”: Your fake name. If you do not want to fake your in-game name, then follow any of the options:
1. Enter your nickname in quotation marks
2. Open the PD2Hook.yml file (located at SteamApps / common / PAYDAY 2 /) and put a “#” in front of the line containing the following: – [Name_Ready, base \ scripts \ lua \ name_changer.luac] # Init namechanger

Unlimited Preplanning Drawing – disables the limit for drawing on the map. You can draw almost indefinitely. Long live the obscenities of the whole drawing!
Make preplanning work – disables the limit on available assets in the mission layout. Remember that using this function visually only works for cheaters, other players can see that the number of assets has gone negative;
No bag cooldown – disables the timer between lifting bags (useful in conjunction with the Stacker);
Superskilled Man – allows you to interact with any points and creates an endless supply of C4, jammers and other things (including plastic handcuffs);
Unlimited Following Hostages – Allows you to drive more than one hostage at a time;
Instant Mask Activation – allows you to instantly put on a mask;
No Penalty For Civilian Killing – disables the penalty for killing civilians (only works if you are a host);
Instant Weapon Switching – allows you to instantly change weapons (primary / secondary);

Configuring modules:
In the PD2Hook.yml file you can edit any module.
Each of the modules has its own bind and start variable:
[APP_Ready, base \ scripts \ _init.luac] – the main function, launches the trainer library. Disabled prohibited: the trainer will not work if you disable this library;
[Version_Ready, base \ scripts \ version.luac] – auto-updater. When you receive a new update, when you enter the main menu, you will receive a notification in the form of a pop-up in-game window. If you do not want to see this window, you can disable this module;
[Config_Ready, base \ scripts \ lua \ auto \ cloader.luac] – the module for configuring the script, you can disable it, but in this case a large number of cheats will be unavailable;
[Version_RSS_Ready, base \ scripts \ version_rss.luac] – RSS news feed module. You can turn it off in order to see news from the official Payday 2 group;
[Name_Ready, base \ scripts \ lua \ name_changer.luac] – fake nickname module. You can disable it if you do not want to use a fake name (highly not recommended!);
[Ingame_Ready, base \ scripts \ lua \ auto \ ingame.luac] – module for initialization of in-game cheats: at the start of the game, all cheats that you have included in config.lua will be launched using this module. Disabled prohibited!
[Pregame_Ready, base \ scripts \ lua \ auto \ pregame.luac] – module for autorun cheats in the menu. Disable is allowed. Disconnection consequences: paid assets in the mission planning stage;

Q: Can I get banned??
A: Yes. But not with VAC (Valve Anticheat). The most that I can do for you is to expel you from the official group on Steam (which will take away a couple of items from you). You will not lose your account, as well as games in online mode.

Q: How to set up / why does not work?..
A: Read the readme.txt file and the attached documentation to the files (it is also posted here in the section “Configuring modules”.

Q: The game crashed at start, what to do?
A: Check all the settings made in config.txt (values ​​of the “string” type, and this is a nickname, some text and the like, must be in double quotes) and in the PD2Hook.yml file.
If the error reappears, then please create an error log and send it to the forum:

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