Resident Evil 3: Nemesis: Ultimate Trainer [1.0.3] {razor] Video Game Trainers

The Ultimate Trainer for Resident Evil 3 Remake
– Auto dodge (Character-> Health-> Dodge);
– Character Swap;
– First Person Camera;
– Stage Swap;

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis: Ultimate Trainer [1.0.3] {razor] Free Download

– Player speed adjustment;
– Player size adjustment;
– Player health / invincibility;
– Removing Vignette / Sharpening;
– Manual flashlight;
– HUD adjustments;
– Camera FOV, Height, Zoom options;
– Game speed setting;
– Universal key;
– Walking through walls;
– Player position adjustments;
– Playtime;
– Shop points
– Times died;
– Times puked;
– Times downed Nemesis;
– Other various stats;
– Changing save, step, heal, item box counters, shots fires, enemies killed, damage taken;
– Changing dynamic difficulty rank points;
– Game difficulty adjustment;
– Inventory editor;
– Item box editor;
– Weapon speed;
– No recoil;
– Infinite ammo;
– Open slots setting;
– One hit kill for enemies;
– Healing enemies;
– Enemy speed / size adjustments;
– Enemy health modifier;
– Moving nearby enemies to player;
– Invisible enemies;
– Invincible enemies;
– A list of stats of nearby enemies
– Enemy damage modifier;
– Quick Save;
– Fast-forwarding of cutscenes;

Important Notes

I see a lot of FAILED:
– Most likely the trainer crashed or you forcefully closed it at some point – the only way to fix it is to restart the game;

Stage Swap:
– Teleporting can cause issues – missing keys, not working doors etc. (Let’s say you start a new game and go to the police station directly, completely skipping the gas station or something similar – the game will try to advance the scenario and thus will break. Going back to the gas station most likely won’t fix it)

Inventory Loadouts / Adding new weapons:
– In order to get new weapons, you need to add them to your inventory and freeze the slot that is used for this weapon.
  Do this either before starting a new game or reload a save / checkpoint to get the new items.

* IMPORTANT *: You shouldn’t replace weapons that you get after starting a new main game! This will most likely soft-lock the game (infinite loading screen). Replacing items (ammo, herbs, keys) is safe. Only replacing weapons that are given to the player when starting a new game (Handguns, knifes, shotguns, SMGs and so on) causes this.

– To save loadouts, freeze slots that you want to save first, then click the SAVE button. Loadouts can be imported by clicking the LOAD button and selecting a file with .inv extension.

Character Swap:
– You should start a new game when swapping characters – using previous save files with already swapped characters can cause issues;
– Make sure to save items in your inventory to an item box before you play the RPD part. You’ll get Carlos’ gear and lose yours.
– This feature hasn’t been thoroughly tested, so expect all kinds of bugs. Save often, of course. 
– Carlos can’t use Jill’s handgun and her knife. Jill can’t use Carlos’ knife.

Quick Save Manager:
– This feature allows you to save at any place. Be careful though, as this can break the game or corrupt the save file that was used at the time. You can choose which slots to use (by default it’s Auto Save for both slots). You can use the buttons or hotkeys (F1 / 2 to save, F5 / 6 to load). 

First Person Camera:
– Enables the built-in FPS camera. This feature is pretty buggy and can cause the character’s head / hair to disappear. It also heavily breaks cutscenes (as in, the camera can be anywhere).

Skip Cutscenes:
– Skips cutscenes and also radio calls (not completely, you’ll still hear the conversation, but you can run around and do what you want. Though audio is a bit broken. You can still skip it as usual)

Return To Title Screen:
– Allows you to return to the title screen by pressing the button or using the hotkey (F9 by default). You can use this if you’re stuck.

Picked up files / Dolls shot:
– Not really recommended to use, unless you only want to reset it to 0. 

Commit Suicide:
– In case you are stuck or for fun.

Universal Key:
– Lets you unlock doors by using any item, as well as to solve some puzzles (Electronic / Electrical parts), save game without ink ribbons.
– It is recommended that you enable / disable it with a hotkey whenever you need it. This feature can cause softlocks / bugs in some cases (3 medallions, big and small cogs etc)

Play Time:
– Setting it too low (less than a minute) can break some events.

How to Use the Manual Flashlight Feature:
– First of all, enable it, it’s in Character-> Manual Flashlight;
– Then go to Hotkeys, click Enable Hotkeys. You can also change the default binding for the flashlight here.

How to Increase / Decrease Enemy Health:
– Go to Enemy, scroll down, find Enemy Health Modifier. Now move the slider to where you want it, then enable this feature.
  Once enabled and if you are already in-game and have enemies nearby, they will have increased or decreased health by x%. They won’t be 
  affected if you change the value – only the next spawn of enemies will be;

How to Move Enemies to Player:
– First enable it in Enemy, Move Enemies to Player. Then go to Hotkeys and make sure your hotkeys are enabled. Optionally change the binding (by default it’s the HOME key);

Invincible Enemies:
– Mr.X (Both versions) and Birkin are not affected for obvious reasons;

How to Change Game Difficulty?
– Go to Stats, scroll down a bit, enable Game Difficulty;

How to Hide this App to Tray When Minimized?
– Right mouse click its icon in your tray, you will see Quit, Hide and Minimize to Tray. Click Minimize to Tray then click the Save button to save your preferences;

No Vignette:
– Removes vignette in-game, doesn’t affect cutscenes. Can cause slight graphical glitches (this is why it’s disabled in cutscenes);

How to Use the Save File Import Feature:
 Enable this feature, quit the game then copy-paste new save files to 
 C: / Program Files (x86) / Steam / userdata / YOUR_ID / 952060 / remote

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