Rockstar furious with the scandalous Hot Coffee mod for Red Dead Redemption 2

In mid-February, craftsmen added the scandalous modification of Hot Coffee to Red Dead Redemption 2, which allowed the protagonist to engage in carnal pleasures with the slutty girls of the Wild West. And, if gamers praised the development of modders, then Rockstar did not like it at all. A few days after the release of the modification, the lawyers of the company “in a good way” asked the authors to remove their creation.

Rockstar contacted the developers of the mod, known by the nicknames Swegta and Unlosing. They said that the studio’s lawyers drew attention to numerous violations of the user agreement, as well as a set of rules of conduct when using network functions. Representatives of the company hinted that the “sexual subtext” of the modification is completely unacceptable, and it is the main reason for the request to remove it. Rockstar probably remembered how the Hot Coffee mod-influenced GTA: San Andreas. In 2005, the ESRB Age Rating Commission made the game available to adults only. This forced many stores to remove discs from the shelves. Rockstar then had to sweat that to return the rating and resume sales.

However, the authors of Hot Coffee for RDR2, until they see special problems and express disagreement with the requirements of Rockstar. They claim that they did not intrude on the game code – all the assets were already present in the western, and they just took what they needed for the mod. For example, sexual moans are actually sounded that heroes make when injured. In addition, as the authors note, their development should not affect the rating of the game, because the characters are fully dressed in the process of comfort.

“I am surprised that Rockstar calmly adds prostitutes to their games, but when someone develops a mod (far from the quality of the game), it suddenly becomes completely unacceptable,” the Hot Coffee developers express bewilderment.

As they say, we will follow the development of the situation.

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