Famous Photographers of the 20th Century

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December 29, 2021
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By Jonny Gamer

Famous Photographers of the 20th Century

There are many photographers around the world. Some are known by just their name, while others are famous because of their achievements. Some are famous for just taking beautiful photographs while some are famous for their technical skills. But all in all, there are only 5 people in this world that should be named as the world famous photographers.

These are the ones who you should know if you are planning to be one of the world’s famous photographers someday. If you want to learn from this world famous photographers and want to become one, check out these top famous photographers who have accomplished so much in a very short period of time. Some of these world famous photographers may already be familiar to you and others have a good reputation in the world of photography. But whatever the case may be, these photographers are all still doing what they love to do.

Famous Photographers of the 20th Century

Ni Hao Hsu – This one of the most famous photographers is actually part of the team of the late Dr. Seuss. Ni Hao Hsu is a Japanese photographer famous for his serene and beautiful photographs. His work has won several awards and his work has been displayed in galleries and museums all over the world. His work has brought smiles to the faces of people everywhere.

David Bailey – This Australian photographer is also part of the team of famous photographers mentioned above. He is best known for his street photography which depicts the beauties of Australia and other parts of the world. He has also won several awards for his photos. His photographs have the power to turn any persons face to a beautiful smile. His work is well-received by the public.

Terry Richardson – This American professional photographer is well-known for his wedding photographs. He is well-known for his delicate and beautiful shots which are able to make ladies faint. His work has also been displayed in several exhibitions. All the members of this team of famous photographers are able to bring out their own unique styles in their work.

Mike Fenton – This American photographer is another of the most famous photographers in the world of photography. He is best known for his children’s book “Goodnight, Sleep Tight”. The work of Mike Fenton is so famous that his pictures of little kids have been used in many advertising campaigns. In addition to this, Mike Fenton has also contributed his work to several motion pictures and films.

Robert Capa – One of the most famous photographers in the world is Robert Capa. He is a famous or not so famous photographer because of his bold pictures and his eye for detail. Robert Capa captured images of both the Spanish civil war and the Vietnam war. Some of his war pictures have been displayed in several world famous museums.

The work of any famous photographer does not only center on their technical ability but also their style and technique. These three aspects define what makes a photograph a classic. So next time you view a photograph, pay more attention to the photographer than the picture. These are the three ingredients that make a photograph iconic one.

American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe is another famous photographer of our time. Robert Mapplethorpe has been described as a true Americana photographer. His work focuses more on documentary-style photography rather than conventional studio work.

Dorothea Lange is another well-known and much-deserved photographic professional. She was born in Germany but became a naturalized American. Her early work focused more on her portraits rather than her paintings. However, later on she pursued both artistry and photography professionally. Her achievements have been shown in numerous exhibits all over the world.

All the above photographers did not start their careers at the same age. However, all of them started at least doing photography at an early age. As they went on to do more, their skills and talent grew and they soon became some of the best photographers of the 20th century. All of them showed the beauty of the human soul in their portraits.

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