Software Inc .: Trainer [DLL] [3.2] {Trawis} Video Game Trainers


  1. Create a DLLMods folder in the root of the game with an .exe file (Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Software Inc \ DLLMods)
  2. Copy Trainer v3.xml file to Mods and DLLMods folder
  3. Rename this file to Trainer v3.dll in the DLLMods folder (only in DLLMods)

In-game activation:

Software Inc .: Trainer [DLL] [3.2] {Trawis} Free Download

  1. Go to settings ==> Mods section
  2. Check the box in front of “Trainer v3” in the small box (it will be on the same line, to the left of the label)
  3. To start using the trainer, click on the “Trainer v3.2” button, it will be to the right of the top panel with fan data

Functionality in the picture

Software Inc .: Trainer [DLL] [3.2] {Trawis}

In max code, max art, fix bugs, max followers, takeover company, subsidiary company, bankrupt, you need to enter the name of the product or company, depending on the function

After max code, max art, modify the product for a couple of values ​​(code 25 => 25.1)

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