The Forest: 27 cheats at a glance and how to activate them

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November 17, 2023
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By Jonny Gamer

With cheats you can make your game in The Forest easier or more varied. We explain how to activate cheats in developer mode.

The Forest: 27 cheats at a glance and how to activate them

The Forest: Activate cheats

To use a cheat in The Forest , you must go out of the game and into the main menu. There you simply enter the cheat, for example “veganmode”, using the keyboard.

  • The cheats work in both single player and multiplayer. If The Forest is restarted, all cheats are deactivated again. However, you can also turn them off in the game itself.
  • You can also use the cheats on the PlayStation 4. In contrast to many other games, the console version does not have its own cheating commands. To enter, you simply need to connect a USB keyboard to the console.

7 cheats that are integrated into The Forest

The following cheats were integrated into the game from the beginning. You can find all the new ones in the next paragraph.

  • veganmode: All cannibals and mutants disappear from the game. From now on you are alone on the island.
  • vegetarianmode: All cannibals and mutants only appear at night. During the day you have peace and quiet.
  • ironforest: Your buildings are indestructible.
  • regrowmode: 10% of all trees grow back completely overnight.
  • woodpaste: Damage and cracks in floors and roofs are repaired. To do this you have to save the game and then reload it.
  • rawmeatmode: If you die for the second time in single player, the game is finally over and your save will be deleted.
  • meatmode: You switch back to normal game mode.

Developer Console: More cheats for The Forest

In addition to the cheats already mentioned, there are numerous others that are only available via The Forest developer mode. These are commands that lead to visible changes to the game. Many of the cheats allow you to turn certain parameters on and off. To do this, append either “on” or “off” to the code with a space. You can get a small overview of the options in the following list:

  • You open the console for entering the cheats by typing the developermodeon command in the start menu. Then press the [F1] key to bring up the console. There you enter the corresponding command that is activated or deactivated. If you press [F1] again, the console will close but remain active. To close it completely, you need to restart the game.
  • buildermode on/off: Enemies are switched off, godmode and creative mode are activated.
  • cavelight on/off: The brightness in caves is increased.
  • faststart on/off: The plane crash at the beginning of the game is skipped.
  • godmode on/off: Godmode is activated.
  • buildhack on/off: Creative mode is activated, you get infinite materials.
  • buildallghosts: Every blueprint is completed directly.
  • cancelallghosts: All blueprints are removed directly.
  • addallitems: Except for story items, you can now find all items in your inventory.
  • addallstoryitems: You will find all story items in your inventory.
  • itemhack on/off: The items in the inventory are never consumed.
  • survival on/off: You survive without food and drink.
  • save: The game is saved at any location.
  • speedyrun on/off: You can run faster.
  • invisible on/off: You become invisible and can also walk through water.
  • killallenemies: All enemies are killed, but respawn again.
  • enemies on/off: All enemies are completely switched off.
  • forcerain heavy: It starts to rain heavily.
  • forcerain sunny: The sun is shining.
  • cutdowntrees X: You cut down X number of trees in one fell swoop.
  • cutgrass X: The grass in the radius of X is removed.
  • You can get more cheats for developer mode from The Forest Wiki.

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