How to learn to play on the Gamepad, and what is the claw method in general?

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July 20, 2016
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By Jonny Gamer

Probably many of you, once saw how professional players play the gamepad. This level of play seems like something impossible when you first sit down for shooters on a console. I would like to throw away the gamepad and pick up the usual mouse and keyboard. But you can learn how to play the gamepad, and after reading this article you will learn a few good tips, as well as familiarize yourself with the techniqueclaw (Claw).


Sony said about 40% of PS4 owners have never owned a PS3 before. And some of them did not have a console at all. Players who switched from a mouse and keyboard to a gamepad wonder how they can play shooters on it? The problem is that when playing on the mouse and keyboard, we use our entire right hand (especially fingers) for aiming, and fingers with our left to move, jump, roll. Aiming on the gamepad, you use your right thumb and all your past experience of playing on the mouse does not help, the small continent of this finger is not developed enough to quickly aim at the enemy’s carcass, let alone the head. Our most important advice is practice. Play and your skills and reflexes will improve over time. We invite you to read 8 tips to help you learn how to play shooters on a controller faster and more efficiently.

1. We advise you to first set the sensitivity to minimum, and then gradually increase it. With low sensitivity, you will get high accuracy, but slow turn when attacking in the back. With high sensitivity, you will get less accuracy, but a quick turn, which will reflect the ubiquitous attacks from the back. Often, top console players advise using maximum sensitivity. But this is all a matter of habit and you should find your own middle ground. Experiment and over time you will find the most comfortable indicator for you.

2. Try to use different training modes, as they are present in many games. You can spend just a few minutes a day on them and not spoil your statistics.

3. Change control. Default: L2 / LT aiming / sniper mode R2 / RT shooting This control has one problem – the travel of these buttons is quite large. And even if the button move takes some fractions of a second, but in online games, and especially in shooters, this can decide the outcome of the fight. We advise you to change the fire to R1 / RB the response will be faster and clearer. For convenience, you can change the aiming to L1 / LB.

4. For training, you can go camping. We all know camping is bad, but at first you can’t do without it. Shooting at targets at the range and stupid bots from “loners” is very different from shooting at people online. They are not so stupid all the time they move, and they can even respond to your firing. So, until you have developed the necessary reflexes and skills, think of camping as training in harsher conditions. Over time, you will become ready for equal battles.

5. Use both sticks for aiming. This means that you can “target an opponent using the left stick (movement). This eliminates the need to constantly pull the scope. Use strafe (sideways movement).

6. Don’t be afraid to use aim assist. This option is present in many shooters, such as Battlefield 3/4. It may have a different name, but the essence is the same, it does not aim for you, but only helps. If at the moment of pressing the aim button there is an enemy near your crosshair, the crosshair will automatically move to him. This helps with static targets, but with moving targets it is different in some games this setting does not have a target capture function and here the skill will decide. And where there is a target lock, he just does not drop the sight from the target with a slightly inaccurate deflection of the stick. If you aim incorrectly, then “help will not make you a sniper.

7. Use the claw method. This is the position of the fingers where the fire button is pressed with the middle finger and the index finger presses the round buttons. For clarity, see the picture: This method allows you to keep your thumb on the stick and always be ready to aim at your opponent. You will be able to aim while jumping, rolling, changing weapons and reloading.

8. Don’t lie on the couch so you won’t hit anyone! Get into a seated position with your elbows on your hips or knees. This way you don’t have to keep your hands on weight, which will reduce tension and increase shooting accuracy.

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