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June 11, 2021
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By Jonny Gamer

By Year 2017

Discover some tips and tricks that will make your early days as a Guardian in Destiny 2 a little easier as you learn the ins and outs of the game.

Destiny 2 from Bungie is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter that was released in 2017. The latest expansion, Destiny 2: Beyond Light came out in November of 2020. For new players of Destiny 2 there is a lot to take in beginning with what character class you should play, learning about the weapons and other gear, how to level up, and much more. It is relatively easy to find a Destiny 2 beginner’s guide online to help you get started and you will learn as you play the game. If all else fails and you find yourself stuck you can always buy Destiny 2 Glory boosting carries to help you through the difficult parts. You can also follow some of the tips and tricks for playing Destiny 2 that we provide here to help improve your experience with the game:

  1. Don’t Stress on Selecting a Character Class: There are 3 character classes in Destiny 2, Titan, Hunter, and Warlock, and coincidentally players can have up to 3 characters. This means that you will be able to play all three classes eventually so don’t waste a lot of time worrying about it. Initially, the easiest character class is probably Titan as it is durable and gives inexperienced players a better chance of surviving missions.
  2. Begin with the Campaign: Playing through the campaign allows you to learn a lot about the game and how everything works plus it is an interesting story. You will learn the best way to kill different types of enemies and work on your skills before venturing into more challenging areas. You will be given the option to skip the main campaign missions when you create a new character and go right to the endgame but you will be missing out on a lot of fun as well as a chance to improve your skills.
  3. Choose the Right Weapon for the Enemy: When dealing with enemies in PvE special damage types is critical although they have no effect in PvP. Weapons that do arc damage are best for enemies with blue shields, void damage is best for enemies with purple shields, solar damage is best for enemies with orange shields, and kinetic damage is best used against enemies that have no shields.
  4. Join a Clan: There are a lot of benefits to being in a clan. You earn extra XP when playing with your clan members and rewards are improved. Competing in certain events each week as a clan also provides Legendary loot. Plus it can be a lot more fun having a regular group of people to play with. You can find clans on the Discord channels or Destiny 2 Reddit. Some clans are more welcoming to beginners than others. There is also the option of creating your own clan but you may want to gain some experience first.
  5. Collect Daily Bounties: To upgrade your Seasonal Artifact you will need XP. The Seasonal Artifact provides unique weapon abilities and a power level increase to your character with each new level. Picking up bounties is a good way to get bonus XP every day. Various vendors in the game offer bounties for small amounts of Glimmer and are fairly simple to claim.
  6. Try Different Weapons and Perks: Initially in Destiny 2, you are going to come across all types of weapons that you don’t recognize. Take a little time and try out the various weapons and see how you like them. There are many different weapon types in the game and you aren’t limited to just one so become familiar with what’s out there. Different guns will have different perks (abilities attached to the gun that influence its effectiveness). You will learn the perks you like on the different types of weapons once you have experimented for a while.
  7. Learn Enemies Weak Points: Typically in first-person shooters, headshots cause the most damage to enemies. This isn’t always the case in Destiny 2. Some enemies like the Vex have a weak spot other than the head. In the case of the Vex this is the glowing spot around their abdomen. Other enemies have different weak points. You will know you have hit a weak point, known as a precision hit because yellow numbers will pop up around the enemy. Adjust your aim if you aren’t seeing the yellow numbers.
  8. Check Xur Weekly: Xur is a merchant who sells Exotic weapons and armor that are powerful and useful. The items Xur sells will drop randomly with enough playtime but purchasing them is faster. Every Friday Xur spawns in a random location around the Destiny 2 world. You can purchase these Exotics with Legendary Shards, an in-game currency. One way to get Legendary Shards is by deleting the purple Legendary weapons you get as rewards.
  9. Complete Weekly Missions: Every week in Destiny 2 there are a set of challenges that players can complete in various locations. These missions are designated by a blue star over a planet or vendor and are a great way to earn powerful pieces of gear. Missions will vary from the difficult and complex to those that are routine. Keep in mind that weekly missions reset every Tuesday so you should complete them before then so you don’t miss out.
  10. Make Use of the Vault: You can only hold a limited number of items in your character inventory but don’t be in a hurry to delete items. The Tower has a storage system known as the Vault where you can store items you aren’t currently using but may want to later. There are 500 slots available in the vault. While you shouldn’t be in a rush to delete you don’t want to horde items you will never use either. Use the vault to store items you plan to infuse or use later.

These tips won’t turn you into a Destiny 2 expert overnight but they will help you while you develop your skills and gain experience.

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