Who should you start playing Destiny 2 for? Tips for beginners


So, you decided to put a sci-fi creation called Destiny 2 into your gaming heart. And if you haven’t played the first part, then you have reasonable questions: what are the classes, how are they different and who should I play for?

Well, I will try to make for you some kind of information squeeze after which you can definitely decide.

We have three classes and three subclasses in each, but about everything in order.

Main classes

In Destiny 2, we have the following choices: Hunter, Titan, and Warlock.

Subclasses aside, the main difference between the playable classes in Destiny 2 is: armor level, melee animations, class element, movement ability (jump), class ability and preferred attribute.



Titans are like tanks of the Destiny 2 world. Heavy and clumsy, but possessing a huge amount of armor and powerful attacks, with which you can make colossal damage. Due to their weapons, as well as the ability to create a shield and go ahead, coupled with the already named resistance, titans are an excellent class for beginners. Let’s summarize the intermediate result:

  • Titans are the most armored class.
  • Hand-to-hand combat is a blow.
  • They can accelerate and quickly cover distances in a straight line.
  • The most stable class.
  • Can cause a barrier and replenish ammo, which is certainly a powerful tactical aid



Warlocks are a very effective class, but they are very demanding for proper leveling. They have excellent support abilities, but warlocks are extremely fragile and have the weakest survivability on the battlefield. A class that is more suitable for more battle-hardened players. So the warlocks:

  • They have an extremely flimsy armor in their arsenal, the weakest in the game.
  • Hand-to-hand combat is a flat forward slap in the manner of a slap.
  • They have the ability in the form of gliding flight, for movement and mobility.
  • Recover very quickly from damage taken
  • The ability of the “Warlock” class allows them to heal or buff themselves and their close environment in the face of allies.



Fastest class. Perhaps the most powerful fighters in PvP, however, they also require some skill to play. Because of its speed, this class is for real riders with lightning-fast reactions. For an effective game, you need to master all the tricks and subtleties, but it’s worth it, just for the sake of feeling the dynamics when you throw everything living and inanimate to the right and left!

  • Hunters wear medium armor.
  • Know how to double jump
  • The fastest runners jump and fire from their cannons.
  • They also have the ability in the form of evasion, which has a number of functions, such as: recharging or replenishing energy.


Each subclass differs from each other with the help of superpowers and types of grenades, various passives, buffs and bonuses for attributes, and many other melee features and skills. Subclasses are exactly what you will be able to forge a character just for yourself.

Each class has three subclasses for a total of nine. So here are your choices:


  • Forward (arc)
  • Guardian (Void)
  • Sunbreaker (Solar)


  • Arcstrider (Arc)
  • Shooting (solar)
  • Nightstalker (Void)


  • Dawn (sunny)
  • Voidwalker (Void)
  • Thunderer (arc)

More details about subclasses can be found by reading the patch or directly in the game itself.

So which should I choose?

So which class should I pick in Destiny 2?

To begin with, of course, you should try out each class a little. Conduct a small test of how the character behaves in combat, moves, shoots, and so on. This is the only way you can soberly assess what you prefer for yourself, and only after that you can finally train a certain class.

However, if you don’t have a lot of free time, keep a few tips. First, think about what you love about shooters? If you like to go ahead in the front row and scatter enemies with powerful volleys of shotguns, then your choice is the Titans. Warlocks and hunters have a greater advantage in keeping their distance.

If you like mobility, speed and speed, then hunters are your choice.

If you like to deal damage with powerful abilities and play the role of a kind of glass cannon that can destroy all living things, but at the same time itself is very fragile, then warlocks are your choice.

It is also important to decide what you want to do in a team play.

And, although it may seem funny, but you should pay attention to the appearance of the character, because immersion is what will make the game much more enjoyable. Style is an important part of the enjoyment of the game.

Destiny 2 is a highly flexible and multidimensional game that lets you enjoy playing in any class. I hope I helped you decide, see you in the game.

Will this game work for me?

On our website, you can check if Destiny 2 will run on your PC, as well as find out the system requirements and other information on the game.


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