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December 15, 2022
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If you think that GEARS OF WAR 4 lacked innovation, then GEARS 5 should bring them into a series of full. On the last E3 chapter The Coalition Rod Ferguson (Rod Fergusson) spoke about a number of important fighter new products in an interview for Kotaku.

According to the developer, only three people worked from the authors of the past parts in the studio, including him. GEARS OF WAR 4 It turned out to be a pretty conservative game within the series, and the players requested more innovations. Therefore, the authors shrugged and decided to add the following innovations to the continuation (some of the facts were previously known, but are presented here more):

• The main character will become Kate Diaz, which was a key, but non-character in the campaign of the last game. It is curious that in an interview Ferguson refused to clarify whether we will play for a girl throughout the plot.

• history mode supports cooperative on three people, which earlier in the series has never been.

• In the gameplay, the stop will be made on shootings using shelters, but the near battle divers. In addition, cutting the enemy inputs or put on the bayonet will become somewhat easier – for this, the Xbox One gamepad will now answer the non-familiar button B, and the right bumper (through holding: one-time pressing, as before, is responsible for recharging), which will allow withoutunnecessary problems control the camera.

• Shooting will focus on the fascination of weak points and hit the head. Foots up in an updated system cross-trance, changing color depending on the direction: red – head, white – the rest body, gold – after perfect recharge, reinforcing weapons for the next shot.

• One of the most notable changes – the appearance of health scales from opponents. According to Ferguson, This will help players to decide when it is worth risking to achieve hard wounded enemies. This item can be disabled.

• On the easiest level of the complexity of the enemies, you can capture the sight with autonomous.

• Campaign GEARS OF WAR 4 several times for the passage used the mechanics of the “Orda” regime, and in GEARS 5 Such experiments seem to be – Ferguson says that this time crossing modes is not so important for him.


GEARS 5 will be released on September 10 on Xbox One and PC (through Steam and Microsoft Store). On both platforms, the militant on the release day will replenish Xbox Game Pass. XBOX Game Pass Ultimate or Pre-ordered Ultimate Edition will start a four-day game earlier – September 6.

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