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December 16, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Among the main gameplay mechanics of classical Doom – Search for secrets, which are then counted in level pass statistics. IN Doom 2 One mystery was inspired so firmly that it was normally opened only 24 years after release.

At the Industrial Zone level there is a secret that was previously thought, it is impossible to receive without breaking the rules of the game. The community knew about the hidden sector and saw it because it is possible to get there through the cheat IDClip with passage through the wall.

Gamers thought this moment in Doom 2 Zaiganov. The game counts the secret when two conditions are performed: first, the central part of the protagonist enters the secret zone;Secondly, the protagonist is at the same height as the secret z1. So, in the “impossible secret” Industrial Zone, users could not fulfill the second condition, because the level of the level did not allow to step on the desired piece of floor.

In other versions Doom 2 removed this bug, but in the original for MS-DOS it remained. As a result, the community assumed that Industrial Zone cannot be completed 100% without cheats. Say, maximum – 90%.

24 Years Later In Doom 2 Split The Last Official Secret

However, Speedransner Zero Master suddenly split the last secret Doom 2. The method is very cunning: you need to make it so that the elemental pain come to the place of the secret and put a lost soul above the head of the player at that moment the door is descended on this head. Thus, the body of the protagonist is falling for a fraction of a second in the desired zone and the secret is counted.

You can see this moment in the roller below 3:00. In Zero Master, Istled Industrial Zone to the end to demonstrate the coveted 100% on the statistics screen. As they write on Reddit, Spentransner became the first gamer on the ground, which has pure conservation with the most complete passage Doom 2 For almost 24 years of existence of the game.

On the map Monster Condo in Doom 2 There is also a secret that is considered for fun, but Zero Master solved him back in 2016. Thus, the mystery of Industrial Zone has become the last official mystery Doom 2.

Achievement of Zero Master secured one of the key creators Doom 2 John Romero (John Romero) – He congratulated Spentranner and confirmed that the secret could not split 24 years.

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