Final Fantasy 15: Trainer (+23) [1.0] {FLiNG} Video Game Trainers

Author Edition Version Language Functions Date of creation
FLiNG Steam 1.0 Eng / Chn 23 07.03.2018

Hotkey Eng Rus
Numpad 1 Inf. Health Immortality
Numpad 2 Inf. Magic Infinite. Magic
Numpad 3 Inf. Stamina Infinite. Endurance
Numpad 4 Full Command Slot Full Team Slot
Numpad 5 Inf. Magic uses Infinite. Isp. Of magic
Numpad 6 No cooldown magic Without Perez. Of magic
Numpad 7 Inf. Magic elements Infinite. Mage The elements
Numpad 8 Items Not Reduced Items not Reduced.
Numpad 9 Super speed Super Speed
Numpad 0 Super damage Super Damage
Numpad . Full Phantom Tank Fill in the Phantom. The scale
Numpad + High Spirit Summ. Chance H. Probably. Summoning the Spirit
Numpad – Incognito Mode Incognito Mode
Ctrl + 1 Inf. Money Infinite. Money
Ctrl + 2 Inf. Exp. Infinite. Experience
Ctrl + 3 Inf. SP Infinite. Upgrade Points
Ctrl + 4 Inf. Items Infinite. Items
Ctrl + 5 Inf. Gasoline Infinite. Petrol
Ctrl + 6 Inf. Fishing Line Durability Infinite. Line Strength
Ctrl + 7 Quick Fishing Quick Fishing
Ctrl + 8 Inf. Chockobo stamina Infinite. Chocobo Stamina
Ctrl + 9 Freeze Timer Freeze Timer
F1 / F2 / F3 / F4 2x / 4x / 8x / 16x Exp. Experience Multipliers
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Final Fantasy 15: Trainer (+23) [1.0] {FLiNG} Free Download

Instructions for use:

  • Copy all files from the archive to the root of the installed game.
  • Start the trainer first, then the game.
  • During the game, press the keys indicated in the trainers.


  • A false alarm of your antiviruses to the trainer is possible, do not forget to turn off AV before playing in order to avoid conflicts with it.
  • The trainer is intended for digital license only, work on pirated versions is not guaranteed!

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