Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Trainer (+10) [Latest Steam] {LIRW / GHL} Video Game Trainers

Trainer + 10

Author {LIRW / GHL}

Game version [Steam]

We unpack the downloaded archive to any place convenient for you.
Launch the game, then launch the trainer and press the keys of the options of interest.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Trainer (+10) [Latest Steam] {LIRW / GHL} Free Download

Trainer functions:
[0] Activate Teleport.
[1] Endless life.
[2] Endless money.
[3] Infinite Ammo.
[4] Infinite Oxygen.
[5] Endless time.
[6] Weapon Accuracy.
[7] Superior stat.
[8] No police wanted.
[9] One Shot Kill.
[10] Save position.
[11] Load position.

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To teleport somewhere, you need to activate the teleport, put a marker on the map – this is the place
where we want to teleport, press the save position key and after exiting the menu, press load it.
In some places, the teleport does not work, (for example, in water), in general, until the character is on a solid surface, he teleports, so the instruction that processes
marker coordinates, works only when we go into map mode.

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