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July 19, 2021
1 minute

By Jonny Gamer

Simcity 4 v1.0.272 [trainer +2]

KEY Description ACTION

Insert $ 1 Billion (Ctrl + X) weaknesspays cheat Adds 1 billion dollars onto existing amount!

Delete Get Rewards faster Allows you to get rewards faster!

Simcity 4 v1.0.272 [trainer +2] Free Download

Home Get Rewards faster -OFF Turns above off!


1 Billion $ help: Type Ctrl + X to open cheat box (in game) Hit Esc 5 times before if it doesnt come up. Type in: weaknesspays: then Enter. without colon.

Get Rewards faster Note, DO NOT have the following City Ordinances on while using this cheat or your budget will loose 100million / month. CPR Training

Paper waste reduction

Smoke Detector Program

Power Conservation act

Carpool incentive

Youth curfew

Tire Recycling Program

To use this trainer, run the trainer’s .EXE file. Then, run the game. Press any of the keys listed above ingame and the cheat will be activated. Enjoy!


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