5 Smart Ways to Save Money on Gaming

Playing video games is not such a cheap way to kill free time. The price of some of the average titles ranges from 60 to 70 dollars. Some of the most popular titles can cost you a few hundred dollars. Maybe this doesn’t sound too much when we set up like this. But still, you need to be aware that you are not stopping at one game a year. If you calculate the annual consumption for video entertainment, you will see that the costs are high. That’s why you should adopt our strategies which can increase your savings. 

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Buy new disks when the price drops

If you are a fan of consoles such as Sony PlayStation, Xbox, and others, you should apply the following to save money. Most consoles can play physical disks. If you buy a disk at the time of launch, be aware that you are choosing the most expensive version. Video software loses in value between 33% and 83% within six months. So, we recommend that you buy it when the price drops enough.  

Play games that someone has already used

One of the most popular stores that offer already used games is GameStop. GameStop implements a disk return policy for free within 7 days if you overtake the game or do not like it. We also recommend platforms like Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay. Here you can find the cheapest disks for consoles. Another tip is to sell used disks that you don’t need anymore. This way you will raise money for other video games. But also, you will allow other players to save some money. Another option is to swap it for another disk without taking cash.

Take advantage of the prizes 

You can take advantage of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft awards. Sony offers a free program that returns 1% -1.5% of spent money to the PlayStation Store. At first, these percentages will not sound too tempting. But when you calculate how much money you spend annually, this percentage can also be significant. There are also Microsoft awards. Here you collect points by fulfilling some missions. You can exchange points later for real money. Nintendo offers the most tempting prizes. This platform offers up to 5% refunds on all digital purchases made at Nintendo eShop. 

Visit the online casino section 

Online casino sites will offer you a wide selection of slots, table games, and others. The popular operators will provide you with the best software from prestigious providers. Online casinos offer many promotions to use their services. Some of the most common promotions are bonus money and free spins. The operator may offer you a deposit 10 get free spins option as part of the welcome bonus or other deposit bonuses. This way, with a stake of 10$, you can get free spins that you can use on online slots. Free spins and extra bonus money are a great way to increase your winnings with the least investment.

Turn your mobile devices into gaming platforms 

Mobile software can be of the same quality as those available on PCs and consoles. Games on mobile devices can come in a free version, and also in a premium variant. We recommend the first one. But if you are looking for something a little better you can subscribe to the services on your smartphone. Such services are Google Play Pass, Apple Arcade, and GameClub, which will cost only 5$ a month. We will note that most online casinos customize sites for mobile gaming too. This means you can play affordable slots and others on small screens wherever you are.

Our conclusion about low-budget gaming 

Now that you have read all the tips we have prepared for you, we can summarize. Always be patient. Don’t rush into disks that are just being released, even though your inner urge will drive you to do so. Patience is the key to everything, even getting better deals. Also, buy games cheap. Try to save money by buying games that someone has already used. 

Although buying old games is unreliable in the sense that you don’t know if the disc will work or not, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. There are many sites online that will offer you used disks. Be sure to find your favorite title on them. When you buy a new/used disk you can resell it or notice it for someone else. So, you can recoup every purchase investment in part or in full by selling what you bought. Also, online casinos and mobile gaming can have a big impact on keeping your wallet untouched. You can rely on our 5 tips presented above and thus save your bankroll.


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