How Are Slot Machines And Gambling Legalized In New Zealand?

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December 26, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

No matter what country you are in when you gamble, you must always follow the local rules and laws. Luckily, our comprehensive reference to the gambling regulations in New Zealand covers all you need to know. Read on to familiarise yourself with the fundamentals and get the required information regarding NZ daily spins slots gambling laws.

How Are Slot Machines And Gambling Legalized In New Zealand?

New Zealand The Gambling Act 2003

The Gambling Act of 2003 regulates many forms of modern gambling, like many other laws worldwide. New Zealand’s primary gambling law is the Gambling Act (or Gambling Bill). 

The legislation is structured around maximising gambling’s positive effects on society while minimising its negative ones. Keeping gambling for real money inside the casinos is the government’s primary method of exerting control. Only charitable events or gaming classified as “Class 2” are allowed to be hosted outside of licenced businesses. 

Further, licences are issued under the NZ Gaming Act 2003 to regulate the expansion of gambling venues. The Act also specifies what kinds of gambling are permissible and what kinds are forbidden, as well as the rules and regulations for conducting fair gambling games. Chances for illegal gaming are reduced as a result. Part of the legislation also mandates that the proceeds from gambling be used for the public good. 

The Gambling Act has been revised three times since 2015: in 2016 and 2019. The Gambling Act also governs New Zealand’s internet casinos. Since New Zealand has not yet passed specific legislation governing online gambling, any operator wishing to make their services accessible to New Zealand players must comply with the general gambling rules.

Online Gambling Laws in NZ

The rules are quite similar to Australia’s prohibitions on internet gambling. Although the Gambling Act states that internet gambling is unlawful, there are currently no regulations to enforce this. Because of this, no domestic casino may legally provide any form of internet gaming to their customers. When it comes to the topic of who may operate online, New Zealand’s rules are similar to Australia’s in that they allow for exceptions. The government lottery and internet sports betting are two current exceptions. 

Caution and safety precautions are recommended due to the market’s high number of shady players. Contrarily, New Zealanders have access to international gambling sites, including some of the world’s top online live casinos. Before signing up, New Zealanders should verify the online casino’s legitimacy with governing bodies abroad. 

Beginning in 2019, New Zealand has been having an open conversation on the future of internet gambling between the public and the government. Many New Zealand businesses advocate for legal reform since many of the greatest poker sites are offshore companies. We have not yet seen any changes, but the groundwork has been set.

Legal Gambling in New Zealand

New Zealand has mandated that all casinos have appropriate licences to comply with the Gaming Act of 2003 and subsequent changes and gambling legislation. The most reputable online casinos are trustworthy establishments that have gone through the proper channels to get gaming licences and adhere to strict security protocols. For businesses hoping to provide Kiwis with gambling and other gaming entertainment, this holds true as well. These are the actions you need to take to apply for a licence: 

  •     Applies (with pictures and fingerprints) and pays a licencing fee and appeal filing fees to the NZ Gambling Commission.
  •     Determines if expert assistance is necessary and forwards application (with identifying information) to law enforcement and the DIA (Department of Internal Affairs). After the reviews have been completed, they will be forwarded to the applicant for a response. 

The applicant submits the written application. 

When the Commission’s investigation is complete, all fingerprints and images are disposed of. The Commission reviews the data and decides whether to provide or reject the licence. A licence may also be provided conditional upon fulfilling certain requirements (which may vary from operator to operator). 

A request for temporary authorisation to run a casino is sufficient to secure a gaming licence. If the applicant has a problem with the decision, they can ask the New Zealand Gambling Commission to look into it. The linked organs verify the requests and follow the appropriate processes.

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