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February 22, 2024
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By Jonny Gamer

If you have been around the world of online casinos for longer than 5 minutes you will be aware of the phenomenon that is Slingo.

It would be fair to say that Slingo is the game on everyone’s lips so let’s take a closer look at everything about this amazing online casino offering so you can decide if you would like to play one of the fantastic Slingo titles.

Everything that you need to know about playing Slingo online

What is Slingo and how is it played?

 It may surprise you to know that the first Slingo game was released back in 1996 on the AOL platform and became an enormous success.

In what is regarded as a masterstroke within the gambling industry, software developer Gaming Realms acquired the licence to release Slingo games under the Slingo Originals banner and began an aggressive marketing campaign which resulted in new Slingo titles being released on a regular basis.

Perhaps the best way to describe Slingo is that it is a cross between a slot and a bingo game.

The basic game is based around a 5 x 5 grid and a horizontal reel which can be found directly below the grid.

Each game consists of a set number of spins of the horizontal reel with those numbers being crossed off if they match the numbers on the grid.

When a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line on the grid is completed, it is called a Slingo and the more Slingos you get, the higher the prize.

With the release of each new Slingo title, the bar is raised in terms of bonus rounds and gamification to such an extent that the latest Slingo games are almost unrecognisable from those early releases.

Where to play Slingo online

When it comes to playing Slingo games you have basically got two choices, playing for free or playing for real money.

How to play for free

The great thing about Slingo games is that it is possible to play demo versions of the game before you decide to part with real money.

SlingoOriginals.com and BestSlingoSites.co.uk are two options, simply visit the sites and click on your preferred Slingo title, choose the demo version of the game and play to your heart’s content but you should be warned, after a few games you will be tempted to play with real money such is the entertainment value of the games.

Another option would be to play the demo version of the Slingo games on the Slingo Arcade app on Facebook.

Again, just choose the version of the game and play without using real money.

How to play with real money

When it comes to playing Slingo for real money it can be something of a minefield because not all online casinos that host Slingo games are as reputable as they perhaps should be.

It is therefore important that you only play Slingo games at online casinos that are regulated by the likes of the UK Gambling Commision or the Malta Gaming Authority.

It is then just a case of choosing a casino that has a good selection of Slingo titles to choose from and a decent welcome bonus that can be used for wagering on Slingo games as well as regular promotion offers for existing players.

Care should also be taken to only deal with online casinos that process withdrawals over a reasonable timescale as opposed to constantly coming up with excuses regarding delays in processing payments.

What are the best Slingo games?

It is impossible to say what the best Slingo games are because everyone has different tastes but it would be fair to say that the following Slingo titles all offer fantastic entertainment value with some amazing bonus features.

  • Slingo Baking Bonanza – A pretty basic Slingo title which as the title suggests is based around the theme of baking. Only 5 spins per game and a bonus feature that revolves around the ingredient symbols that are required to bake various cakes. The game will appeal to players with an interest in the baking theme but there are more exciting Slingo options to choose from.
  • Slingo Who Wants to be a Millionaire – Based on the popular TV game show of the same name, this is one of the earlier Slingo games and most players will agree that the entertainment value is up there with the best of them. Super graphics and the familiar Who Wants to be a Millionaire soundtrack.
  • Slingo Shark Week – This Slingo game is at the other end of the spectrum in terms of gamification and bonus features. New players could be forgiven for not even realising that this is a Slingo title and with graphically superb bonus rounds such as Shark Wheel and Fish Grab, it is no surprise that this game is proving to be so popular.

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