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February 1, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

In the world of fighting games, everyone loves winning. It’s actually the whole point of delving into a match. But if everyone wants that, how to be that one who really wins?

Brawlhalla is pretty special among all the fighting games out there. Its uniqueness is in fighting mechanics, all right. But also, it is in the game’s distribution philosophy. Brawlhalla is free-to-play, and it’s available on so many devices: consoles, computers, and phones/tablets.

Being easily accessible for everyone, Brawlhalla has an impressive playerbase. According to SteamChart, the game reached its all-time peak of players in February 2021 (34,169), with other months of the year being very near that. The average number of players in December 2021 is 15,268.8. For comparison, the number of average players for Guilty Gear -Strive- is 2,467.9 and for Street Fighter V is 2,222.2 for the same months.

Easy Way to Start Winning Brawlhalla Fights

Being a popular one in its specific genre, the game still struggles from the downside of the model “free-to-play, available everywhere.” Easy come easy go. New players drop Brawlhalla without really experiencing the excitement of becoming good at it. The most common reason for this is facing annoying difficulties — which lead to a tangible frustration of losing matches.

So, how to stop losing? It’s so easy that you probably already know it. And only a little clarification is needed to follow this path.

To stop losing, keep playing Brawlhalla. Find your way to be on the fun side, add some variety to the daily “routine”, and personalize your style in the game — all of these while you keep playing Brawlhalla.

Be on the Fun Side

Setting high goals is a great idea. But what about reaching them?

Many victories in Brawlhalla is worthy excitement. Still, even top-level professionals can’t have only wins. Losing is just part of the experience (and they often teach you more than wins). Getting more victories is a good thing to move forward to, and for achieving it, we should accept getting losses.

It’s hard to focus on a distant (and abstract) goal. It’s easy to get concentrated on the fun you have right here, right now. To start winning more, you should keep playing Brawlhalla. And to keep playing, you need to feel the very process being fun and exciting — as it is, those losses included.

How can Brawlhalla remain fun after many hours of playing? That’s a lot about your attitude to the process, as fighting games perfectly combine repetition and fresh feelings in every match.

Don’t expect fun and joy to come later (“Now I need to finish this boring training”). Just feel what you love doing in the game — today, this very playing session. And yep, training also can be fun.

Being on the fun side means you should focus on the playing process, fill it with positive expectations and emotions, and bring a variety of activities into your Brawlhalla daily “routine.” With this, we have a smooth transition to the next section.

Easy Way to Start Winning Brawlhalla Fights

Variety in the Daily “Routine”

To have fun playing, you should avoid monotony. It’s easy to do so in Brawlhalla as the game matches are dynamic and chaotic. You have different opponents, and each time they add something new to the fights. Still, even in such a game, being within the same mode and with the same character again and again might take away some fun (and therefore, victorious results).

Let’s highlight two practical aspects here.

  • Change the modes you play

Brawlhalla easily attracts the attention of the players (not only beginners) to the Casual Online Multiplayer Matches — this mode is called simple “Play” in the game menu. And then, there is that sign “Recommended” near the “Free-for-All” fights.

There are other variants behind the “Play” button. Explore them! Playing them feels different. After getting some experience, don’t hesitate to start your Ranked “career.” On the one hand, matches here are tougher as the participants are more motivated to win. On the other hand, it’s a better way to face opponents of your skill level.

Also, the game has time-limited modes with some very unusual rules. Mix everything of that to not let the fire of fun fade away.

  • Experiment with things you do in a fight

It’s easy to fall into one behaviour pattern and then try to follow it in many situations. This often happens with players who learn a combo or two and then try to squeeze them everywhere. First, the game does not work this way. You need many tools to be effective during ever-changing fights. Secondly, it is just funner to do different stuff in Brawlhalla matches.

Some practice will help you succeed here more. Training mode is a place to start your experiments and figure out whether they work or not. Be creative and allow the game to help you express yourself.

Your Personal Style

In the beginning, the game offers a kind of universal route for everyone. You get the basic experience with many characters, understand the fighting mechanics, and develop some skills. Then, you look for your unique way in this cross-road of fighting game possibilities.

It’s better to concentrate on one Legend to know what they are capable of in the fights and develop muscle memory for various combos. Select one you enjoy the most — and probably someone from the top of this Brawlhalla tier list. It would be helpful to find out how exactly you like to play your character, understand which style brings you better results.

Pay special attention to in-game cosmetics. Legend and weapon skins do not make you a better player, but they allow you to express your unique personality and thus be more motivated to play the game.

Your style in Brawlhalla is essential to keep playing. When you adjust the general experience and make the game a perfect representation of… well, not exactly you but someone you want to be in this virtual environment, you will definitely be nicely motivated to keep playing. And the circle returns us to the beginning. The personal style helps you to have more fun. Having fun means you are up to a variety of activities. Which in turn allows you to find your own style in the game.

Everything is for you to keep playing Brawlhalla, become better at it in the most natural way, and get more and more exciting victories. That’s the easy way!

Easy Way to Start Winning Brawlhalla Fights

The whole process of becoming better Brawlhalla players has many not easy aspects. Dedicated practice is needed to learn stuff in this game. The described way will help you remain on this track — and no difficulties will be able to stop you.

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