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April 6, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

By Year 2022

Life does not stand still and the world of technology is improving every day. Nowadays people often spend their free time via a computer screen, playing their favorite games. For example, on Game Karma the virtual world attracts unlimited possibilities, and one can forget about everything in the world.

But are such games dangerous for health or can they cause addiction? Is it true that your favorite computer game only harms or is it still beneficial? Let us find out.

Disadvantages of gaming

It is well-known that if you spend a long time playing a game, you can become addicted to it, which requires the help of qualified professionals. The main criteria of such addiction are:

  • unwillingness to be distracted from the game;
  • spending big money on paid services in games;
  • forgetting about obligations;
  • refusal of healthy sleep in favor of spending more time playing;
  • irregular, improper nutrition, without leaving the computer;
  • dry eyes, headaches, back pain, swollen hands;
  • nervousness, irritability, aggression, fear attacks, depression.

Adolescents are more vulnerable to computer addiction. Compared to adults, children can often think it was only a few minutes after they started playing, but in fact a few hours. But, everyone who plays games should remember about timing.

Benefits of online games

However, there are some advantages for gamers, because while playing one can develop some skills.

Better reading skills

The gamer must be very attentive when playing. Good attentiveness helps to improve reading skills.

Good vision

Fans of computer games have good eyesight. In addition, players are able to keep in mind five objects, and ordinary people only three. It has also been proven that a proper computer monitor does not affect vision.

Improved memory

There is a wide variety of games, such as memory games, which are great for memory development. After all, during the game one often needs to remember and repeat what he heard or saw.

Hand motility

Manipulation of the joystick, computer mouse, and keyboard develops hand motor skills.

Educational games

There are also a large number of computer games with which people learn, for example, foreign languages or get other useful skills. Such computer games in an exciting, interesting and simple way to elevate knowledge, while having a pleasant pastime.

By playing computer games, people learn how to make independent decisions, assess the situation, and solve logical problems. The gamers will be able to try themselves in different professions, identify their talents, and get acquainted with new subjects, phenomena, and occupations.

Summary of the pros and cons of online games

Given all the benefits of games, we can conclude that they will be a great helper in the development of the person. You can safely use them, but the main thing is not to forget that for any age there are certain time norms, that is, how much time one can spend on the computer, so as not to harm the health. Therefore, to avoid gaming addiction and only benefit from computer games, you need to strictly adhere to them.

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