Chaos Legion: Tips And Tactics

If it does not work, to finish off the most recent boss (I chosen Zila :)), then you take, with the help of the “globe” who got an arcia, transfer to one of the first levels (better where the prompts no longer show) and pass it a lot of times. During walking in levels, you will pick up a small bunch of lives (green crystals) and can calmly poison this zille. Also when you kill her, the legions use only when it “calm down” and be cleaned closer. When she produces a huge monster and a few small, use the legion only for the hubs of this monster, and the other wrap themselves. My opinion The best combination of legions starting from the middle of the game is the legion of the power (decently increases the life of Zika) and the legion of the claw (can take off into the air and water the enemy from the height, Pts is convenient when dealing with the last 3 bosses – Delacroix, azrail and evil zila). Good luck, gentlemen!

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