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November 17, 2023
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By Jonny Gamer

Minecraft seeds: The 10 best block worlds

Huge mountain ranges, secret temples or large diamond hiding places – with the right Minecraft seeds you can create the perfect world for your needs. If you create a new map in Minecraft, you can enter the codes under “More World Options” in the “Seed for World Generator” field. You can find out what the individual cards look like in our picture gallery.

    1. -969535336 : With this number combination you create a huge mountain that rises far above the clouds. Here you can build a top-class tree house.

      Minecraft: The 10 best seeds

      -969535336 above the clouds: At the top of the 10 best seeds in the open-world classic Minecraft.

  1. -1134619578760320255 : This seed ports you to a huge jungle area with numerous temples. But be careful: the monsters feel particularly comfortable here, even during the day.

    Minecraft: The 10 best seeds

    -1134619578760320255: Jungle Camp for Minecraft – with a little luck you will find several temples in this giant forest.

  2. Mesozoic : This seed also ensures that you spawn in a huge jungle where you will find a temple. There is also the deep ocean and a flower forest nearby.
  3. 81781890028 : Virtual hikers won’t be able to avoid this world seed. This spawns you in the middle of a mountainous Grand Canyon with a large cave and mine system. From the air the map almost resembles the Grand Canyon.

    Minecraft: The 10 best seeds

    81781890028: Dry air, burning sun rays and a long mountain range – that’s the Grand Canyon in pixel graphics.

  4. -9065479248748140566 : The map not only looks stylish, but also has a lot to offer: Near your spawn point you will find a total of five villages with a variety of traders and two desert temples.

    Minecraft: The 10 best seeds

    -9065479248748140566: With five cities and two temples near spawn, this map is by far the best equipped.

  5. -8913466909937400889 : With this seed you can explore all Minecraft biomes in a short time. No matter whether you run north, south, west or east from your spawn point – you will find new biomes in all directions after just a few minutes.

    Minecraft: The 10 best seeds

    -8913466909937400889: All biomes meet in this map. There are desert and jungle areas next to snow worlds, and forests and mountain ranges next to oceans.

  6. 1083334716247045059 : This seed places you in the middle of a mushroom biome, where you’ll find purple mycelium on the ground instead of grass. Here you will not encounter any monsters or ordinary animals. You will only meet Mooshrooms!

    Minecraft: The 10 best seeds

    1083334716247045059: This mushroom biome is full of strange mushroom trees and mushroom cows. This landscape is also extremely rare!

  7. 1785852800490497919 : Desert, a large village and a temple. This spawn point is perfect for adventurers who want to start exploring right away!

    Minecraft: The 10 best seeds

    1785852800490497919: With this seed you will discover a village in the middle of deserts and mesas. There is also a desert temple right next to the village.

  8. pineappleonpizza : With this seed you will find snowy high mountains, plateaus, pine forests and a mushroom forest.

    Minecraft: The 10 best seeds

    pineappleonpizza: Majestic snow mountains and sprawling plateaus – this seed is just the thing if you’re looking for cooler biomes!

  9. Wakanda Forever : Ice, snow, water and some barren islands. When you start here in survival mode, you face a special challenge!

    Minecraft: The 10 best seeds

    Wakanda Forever: This seed takes you to icebergs and the icy ocean. Survival becomes particularly difficult here.

Minecraft: How to enter the seed

So that you can try out the exciting Minecraft seeds, you have to enter the corresponding code when creating the world. This is how it works:

  1. Start Minecraft and click “Play” in the launcher.
  2. Then select “Singleplayer” on the start screen.
  3. Now select the “Create New World” button below.
  4. If desired, enter a name for the world. Then click on “More World Options”.
  5. Now copy the Minecraft seed into the top field. Below you can make further adjustments, then click “Done”.
  6. If you are satisfied with the settings, finally click on “Create New World”.
Minecraft: The 10 best seeds

Minecraft: Enter seed

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