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April 26, 2023
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By Jonny Gamer

There are currently three Revenant Weapons in Old School RuneScape: Viggora’s Chainmace – worth over 7 million GP, Craw’s Bow – worth over 27 mil GP, and Thammaron’s Sceptre – worth less than 5 mil. With the announced Wilderness boss rework, all of these Revenant weapons will get upgraded versions, which will be stronger and better than the current weapons. However, you will need the Revenant weapons to create the upgraded goodies, by using your Smithing, Crafting, or Fletching skills, the new and upgraded versions together with unique drops, which you can get only from the reworked bosses.

Are Revenant Weapons Worth Getting in OSRS?

As such, there will likely be an increase in demand for these weapons. Their prices have already been increasing, and they are worth more OSRS GP than they used to be before Jagex first spoke about the Wilderness Boss Rework. The biggest problem, however, is that the drop chance for them could be higher, and an increase in demand without an increase in the supply will inflate their gold value on the Grand Exchange.

Slayer Task

As many players have suggested, Revenants should have an increased drop rate for the Revenant Weapons if killed on a Slayer task, similar to how the Wyrms have a higher chance at dropping the Dragon Harpoon if killed on a Slayer task, for example. Jagex is considering this as a solution, especially since it will increase your chance of dropping one of the items. In contrast, on a Slayer task, it won’t drastically increase the number of revenant weapons that get into the game.

Jagex is also considering increasing the weight of the revenant Slayer task and creating an extension for the revenant Slayer task itself. With that, you could purchase from any Slayer master for a set amount of Slayer points so that when you get a revenant Slayer task, you will need more KC to finish it.

Increasing the Drop Rate

The Revenant Weapons can all be dropped by 11 Revenant Creatures that you’ll only be able to encounter inside the Revenants’ Cave in the Wildernesses. What is unique about the caves is that you will likely face monsters and other players alike, as PvP is enabled here. Here’s a list of the creatures you might find inside the Revenant’s caves (and this excludes other players):

  • Imp
  • Goblin
  • Pyrefiend
  • Hobgoblin
  • Hellhound
  • Demon
  • Ork
  • Dark Beast
  • Knight
  • Dragon
  • Maledictus

Reworked Bosses

Another popular idea that had a lot of community support and made it to Jagex’s ears is that the reworked wilderness bosses have a chance to drop the revenant weapons themselves. Jagex has refined the idea and is considering bringing it in a similar form with the corporeal beast’s sigils.

This means you’ll have an equal chance of getting the upgrading part or the weapon itself from a particular boss while still having a lower chance of receiving the other two weapons from that boss. The wilderness bosses will have a higher chance than the revenant monsters at dropping the weapons, but it will still be a grind. Also, remember that the reworked bosses are aimed at groups of players rather than solo players, and Jagex has not clarified whether their solo versions will still have the chance to drop the revenant weapons themselves.

Final Considerations

Revenant weapons are powerful Wilderness weapons, and their upgrades will be the meta when it comes to anti-pking. Therefore, they are of great value for anyone who loves doing Wilderness Slayer tasks or just having fun while killing creatures in the Revenant’s Caves for the significant risk and great reward that comes with the PvP.

While the Revenant Weapons value in OSRS GP on the Grand Exchange has already increased in expectations of the Reworked Wilderness Bosses, people with OSRS accounts for sale are asking Jagex to bring the balance back by increasing the drop rates for the Revenant Weapons. This is not meant to lower the prices but rather to stabilize the prices as potentially more players are expected to join the fun in the Wilderness. This would increase the demand for Revenant Weapons and their upgraded versions, which could make you ultimately pay a lot of money for them.

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