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March 22, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

An Esports tournament called Global Series is organized by FIFA and its partner EA Sports every year. The FIFA Global Series was canceled between 2020 and 2021 due to Covid 19. Now this process continues in 2022, leading to the grand finale, the FIFA eWorld cup.

Various players will compete to become the world champion in this tournament, which we can describe as the pinnacle of competition for FIFA players. In today’s article, we will talk about what the FIFA Global Series is. In particular, we will try to provide detailed information about the changes in the tournament system and the current tournament format. Now, let’s take a brief look at the details of our article together.

What is FIFA Global Series

FIFA Global Series Qualification

Now, let’s talk about the conditions of participation in the competition tour of FGS. Anyone who plays FIFA can participate. However, we would like to remind you that you must first have your FUT Champions approval. In this way, you can participate in regional tournaments organized online and also participate in regional playoff matches.

First Registration

Registration is required to participate in FGS matches. FGS registrations are frequently opened in September-October each year. And it continues until the end of December.

Fut Champions Approval

Registered players need to get approval from another criterion, FUT Champions. In this, you must reach Elite 1 rank in FUT Champions. If you want to qualify for the FIFA 22 Global Series, you must prove that you are an Elite player. Registered players can become FUT Champions certified by winning a certain number of matches. Players will now qualify for regional tournaments once they reach the FUT Champions sanctioned point. And from here they can start their FGS adventure.

Online Regional Tournaments

Players who have achieved FUT Champions approval will compete fiercely in online regional tournaments throughout the season. These tournaments are generally organized in accordance with the double elimination system. The tournament will be held between 3 and 5 times in each region. Players will compete in these competitions to improve their rankings and earn Global Series points. Players who finish the season in the top positions will qualify for the Regional Playoffs.

Regional Playoffs

Players who top the Global Series Rankings in online regional tournaments can qualify for the regional playoffs. The regional playoffs are perhaps one of FIFA’s most enjoyable tournaments. We can say that there will be exciting matches, especially in terms of FIFA Esports Betting as we are expecting very even odds. In any case, get ready for fierce competition in this tournament where the best FIFA 2022 players in all regions will be determined.

What is FIFA Global Series

FIFA Global Series Regions

  • Buenos Aires Open – 128 Teams
  • Dubai Open – 128 Teams
  • Frankfurt Open – 128 Teams
  • Johannesburg Open – 32 Teams
  • Madrid Open – 128 Teams
  • Mexico City Open – 64 Teams
  • Miami Open – 64 Teams
  • Milan Open – 128 Teams
  • Paris Open – 128 Teams
  • Portland Open – 64 Teams
  • Sao Paulo Open – 128 Teams
  • Singapore Open – 64 Teams
  • Stockholm Open – 128 Teams
  • Sydney Open – 32 Teams
  • Tokyo Open – 32 Teams
  • Washington Open – 64 Teams

FIFA 2022 Global Series –Tournament Changes

FIFA 22 is getting ready to come out with interesting changes and a better competitive system. We know that FIFA E-sports is growing and includes players from over 70 countries. Because of this, FIFA has announced three main Esports events. The first of these is FIFAe Club Series 2022, the second is FIFAe Nations Series 2022 and finally the FIFA 2022 Global Series.

FIFA Esports tournaments usually cover events that start in December and last until the summer months. Brent Koning, head of competitive gaming at EA Sports, said in a press release:

“FIFA competitive gaming is the future of global esports entertainment, enhancing how fans experience the game they love,” Brent Koning, the vice president of EA Sports’ Competitive Gaming division says in a press release. “FIFA possesses the pivotal platform for football fans around the world to insert themselves into their own sports story. In partnership with FIFA, the mainstream appeal of esports is evident.”

The FIFA Global Series will be played in a total of 16 open regions. Additionally, it will take part in an official Esport tournament that will include the Premier League, Bundesliga and more. More than 30 leagues will have the opportunity to represent real world football teams.

The Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup

FIFA Global Series is known as the best event for football fans as you know. However, this year, the FIFAe Club and Nations series are also extremely popular. This is because both tournaments will have a 2v2 format. Thanks to these events, cups such as Team of the Year and Team of the Season will find their owners. The winner of both tournaments will qualify directly for the FIFA eWorld Cup.

As you know, players can earn a lot of money in the Esports industry. This naturally fuels the competition of both FIFA and other Esport games. Russian Esports Player Kirill Mihaylov earned 1 million dollars for his success in the CSGO tournament. It seems that we will witness high excitement and adrenaline in Esport tournaments due to such events.

What is FIFA Global Series

Team of the Year Cup

The 16 teams competing in the Global Series Open will join the 16 invited teams with a long history. If there is no problem in the conditions, it will be the first face-to-face FIFA tournament held in the last 2 years. The team that wins the Team of the Year Cup will qualify for the FIFAe Club World Cup 2022. And again, 16 teams will be able to participate in the Team of the Season Cup, which will be one of the first biggest tournaments of the season. You can watch the entire tournament on Twitch and Youtube between January 21-23, 2022.

Team of the Season Cup

The Team of the Season Cup will be held face-to-face under the name of the group Stages and Championship bracket. The tournament, which will consist of a massive 256-team open bracket, will be one of the biggest FIFA tournaments to date. It will be held on April 29 – May 1, 2022. Based on their success in the Team of the Season Cup, 24 teams will qualify for the Championship Bracket.

Championship Competition

The championship fight will consist of a total of 24 teams. And it will determine the final champion of the tournament. 8 teams will start from the winners bracket and 16 teams will start from the losers bracket. The team that wins the Championship Tournament will be able to directly participate in the FIFAe Club World Cup, just like the team that won the Team of the Year Cup held at the beginning of the season. If you’ve never made Esports bets for FIFA before, we highly recommend it. Because you can enjoy the fierce competition in the Championship Competition by betting.

In addition to the two teams participating in the FIFAe Club World Cup, 22 more teams will be added with FIFAe Club Series 2022.

What is FIFA Global Series

Final Words

The Global Series tournament for FIFA continues at full speed. In the summer of 2022, we will witness the best players in FIFA one by one. As we Esports and betting lovers, all that needs to be done is to enjoy the competition.

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