Do Video Games Influence Our Life

Nowadays video games are played in a way as if there is nothing as good to do in life. The fast-growing addiction to video games not only affects children but also adults. Symptoms of addiction can be seen in people of all age groups.  The question, however, is whether they influence anyone’s life? This question arises in most minds and many people are not able to get the exact answer. We will also try to find out the answer to such questions.

The influence of video games on our everyday lives is controversial, and the debate is still in its early stages. For some, playing video games is a fun pastime, and it provides a sense of gratification and happiness. Other people play video games to improve their cognitive and working memory, social skills, and overall happiness. The research has not yet been done to prove or disprove the positive effects of video games.

Researchers at the University of Rochester studied the brains of 18 college students who spent an average of 10 hours a day playing video games. The researchers found that the gamers’ brains had less gray matter than the control group. The scientists said that the games’ addictive quality could be a contributing factor to the reduction of gray matter. However, these findings are not definitive. Other studies have shown that video games can increase a person’s anxiety levels.

Meaning of influence

As per the definition of influence, it is the power that affects a person or events, especially those, which are operated devoid of any apparent or direct effect. However, it is also proved that video games have those powers that directly affect a person’s mind. Every fan of video games has always been in search of popular virtual characters and also the themes and environment of video games are developed in such a way that it substantially attracts individual players to take a trip to the virtual world.

The research on video games has shown that they increase our attention span. Compared to non-gamers, players’ selective and sustained attention has improved. The result is that less brain activity is required to remain focused. If you are a student and do have not enough time to complete your paper, for example, you always can ask for help with college essay writing and professional authors will do it for you, you don’t have to worry about it. The study also found that gamers’ emotional reactions to video games were more positive. The study suggests that children and teenagers with attention problems, aggression, and focus issues were more likely to play these types of games.

These findings indicate that video games are changing the way people communicate and interact. They have influenced education, art, and culture. Even the New Yorker magazine has featured video games in its cover story. As a result, these games have become a valuable addition to the media we consume and create. In addition, they have benefited the environment and several other industries. It is even possible to use them to create community.


We start playing video games with our friends or just by coming across cool ads of online video games. Gradually, we fall into the pattern of playing it for long hours, and subsequently, we tend to lose the attention that our other responsibilities like school, home, or work would demand. We don’t like to meet our friends or family members just because we want to play these games and we think that they will fail to understand us. Even our physical health gets affected because neither we do any kind of physical exercise nor do we sleep or wake up in time. This is the true way how video games influence our lives.

This is just evidence of the effects or changes that video games bring. In a nutshell, the effects are looking negative in all ways but we may ponder if it was such a kind of influence that one could not have had control upon? Do we, by choice, completely disregard all these negative signs of influence, while indulging in video games?

The addiction to video games is not apprehended against anyone’s will and also it doesn’t make anyone so powerless that he/she can’t avoid these influences. These influences happen not by forcing anybody, rather, it is the person’s own choice to take upon these influences and decide upon the character he/she is portraying or what the games are promoting.

Video games can potentially leave a strong impact on our lives which is difficult to avoid but not impossible to control. All we need is to either switch off the game forever and never look back or spend a fixed time playing these games so that we can take care of other things that are more important for us in our lives.


Whether or not video games affect our lives is a complex topic. The media has often used sensationalist claims to promote their products. It is easy to see why video games are so popular. A gamer spends an average of 14 years playing video games, and they grow up with the industry as it evolves. And this diversity means that their video game community is increasingly diverse.

Video games have influenced the way we think. Among its other benefits, these games promote positive social and physical interactions. It also allows us to interact with people from different backgrounds. Many video games are violent and can lead to violence. Therefore, it is important to ensure that video games do not cause violence. But in most cases, they are safe to play and can be played by almost anyone. You can even try out a game in a public space without fearing the consequences.

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