Drakan: Order Of The Flame: Tips And Tactics

This creation was created in a rustling to help her neighbor, the same as me, a husher in Action style affairs.
Pendulum in the Arch Cave.
The problem is solved, as it turned out, very simple.
1. Pendulum – Horizontal and Low. When moving from you, run after him. Begins to move to you – jump, fly over it and run to a safe place. Just first see, you never know, suddenly there spikes…
2. Pendulum, their two, low (n.) and upper (in.). When low moves from you, run after him, n. disappears in the wall, do the knitting with the G key, in.The pendulum flies over you, you immediately change the known on the jump and fly over the lower. In safe place.
3. Pendulum. These are already three. One N. and two B. Well, it is even ridiculous compared to the fact that behind. Bat for N. and tumble under the top.
Next, falling plates, well, everything is clear…

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