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January 15, 2022
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With the constant development of computer technology, the number of people who actively use a computer for work purposes and who are overly dependent on computer games and Internet use is growing, the so-called computer addicts (the term “addicted” should be understood as dependent users). As with everything innovative, the younger generation (10-30 years old) is more susceptible to the influence of new technologies.

Mainly, addiction to modern computer technology is expressed in two main forms: internet addiction (Internet addiction) and excessive passion for computer games.Computer use is harmful to the physical, psychological, interpersonal, family, economic or social status. The main sources of the appeal of the Internet to escape reality:

  1. the possibility of anonymous communication;
  2. the ability to implement representations, fantasies with feedback (including the ability to create new images of “self”;
  3. an extremely wide opportunity to search for a new interlocutor that meets almost any criteria;
  4. unlimited access to information.

Established practice and experience convince that excessive attraction to Internet communication has an extremely negative effect on student’s education and social communication.

The main symptoms that cause discomfort to those who spend most of their time at the computer

  • lack of control over the time of interaction with the computer; inability to stop;
  • emotional instability;
  • the appearance of a feeling of irritation or oppression, emptiness, depression in the absence of contact with the computer;
  • decreased self-esteem.
  • dry eyes;
  • irregular meals; skipping meals;
  • neglect of personal hygiene;
  • sleep disturbances; changes in sleep patterns;
  • having problems with parents and in college.

Games are becoming increasingly popular among teenagers and the risk of not being able to control them can be much higher than you think. Here’s what tech addiction is, the risks associated with it, and the consequences it can have.

In recent years, the spread of cell phones among teenagers has increased exponentially, and more and more kids are already owning a cell phone since middle school.

One of the favorite pastimes for teenagers who have a cell phone is that of games to download on the phone and if it is true that many are free, some of them can lead to consequences much greater than you think.

The impact of these games on students can lead to a drop in grades and to a phenomenon called tech dependence, i.e. a real psychological addiction to technology, specifically PC, cell phones, and video games.

When children become addicted to computer games, they have no desire to learn.  He spends all his time in front of the computer.

Often children outgrow their addiction to computer games. Especially at the time when they entered college. New friends and interests emerge. If you are a student and you don’t have the inspiration to write, you can pay for essay on WritingAPaper and get a high grade that way.

Tech dependence is a psychological dependence on technology and it is a phenomenon that, although still little known, is becoming increasingly widespread.

One of the most frequent uses of cell phones by teenagers is cell phone games, a market that is constantly growing.

Many mobile games, although initially free, provide the purchase of some online help to overcome faster levels that in some cases are the only means to continue playing.

The high diffusion among children of the habit of using games on cell phones since middle school creates concern about the risks because it can lead to very serious consequences.

Nevertheless, this type of pathology can lead to serious consequences both in economic terms and in terms of school performance, and sometimes it can be difficult to recognize.

The risks and consequences of tech addiction

The biggest problem with all of this is that some games are made precisely to induce you to play more and more and include levels where without buying these external aids you can’t advance.

The phenomenon is complex because those who are affected by techno-addiction play by spending money not to make more money but to get more results in the game and maintain those obtained.

At this point, we can no longer speak of a simple addiction to video games, since techno-addiction often leads adolescents to spend even large sums of money.

There are many cases in which many teenagers have taken money away from their parents to spend on the purchase of aids to overcome the levels and the continued spending of small sums has resulted in extremely large overall expenses, ranging in the order of thousands of euros.

In addition to economic damage, tech addiction can also lead to the collapse of school performance as the student is so absorbed in the world of video games to neglect the real one.

In the most serious cases, to solve the situation it may be necessary to resort to psychotherapists who will help the adolescent to get out of what is a real addiction.

The fact of playing games on cell phones is not negative in itself, but it is worrying when it is used excessively.

The advice is to always keep an eye on your sons and daughters, especially if they are still very young to prevent them from incurring the risks of techno-addiction.

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