Fifa Manager 08: Tips And Tactics

Question tactics in FIFA Manager 08 (and 06,07) is a rather scrupulous character. Each tactic has its pros and cons. When choosing tactics, know that standard templates are just the templates from which you want to repel. Do not take these templates in the game, move the players. So that the attackers are scored more, move them closer to the goal of the opponent. And do not forget about the Movement tab – on it you can ask how football players will move when playing at attack and defense. If, for example, your player interferes with the flank – in Movement, move it in this area in this z1. Distribute individual programs on frequently open players. More dribbling in the center of the field. Make the defenders do not roll the ball, and throw on someone else’s half of the field. Well, naturally, normal patches will help to cope with the most serious rivals.

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